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Enthusiast but not hard core,, Others?

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Enthusiast but not hard core,, Others?


Old 03-24-19, 05:53 AM
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I agree with so many other posts on here about the topic. I am an enthusiast and totally NOT hardcore at all. I embrace the rather amusing label of "Fred". I don't wear a kit. I don't have clipless pedals. I don't ride a $4500 road bike equipped with all sorts of fancy high tech stuff. I am just....ME... I try to stay retro and "old school" as long as I can on a C&V '85 Fuji road bike! I'll ride 6 miles around the neighborhood, or I'll pack 2 water bottles, my old Garmin eTrex GPS clipped on the handlebars, and I'll go out somewhere into the next county for 36 miles. I enjoy scenery and country roads, and ride at a leisurely 12-14 mph or I'll kick it up a hair and ride 16 mph. It doesn't matter, as long as I can get out there and ride...

I don't belong to a group either, and usually ride solo. For emergency purposes, I do keep a copy of my drivers license, a copy of my USCG Retired ID card, along with a listing of emergency contacts, inside the little front pouch of my seat bag, in case... well, you know...
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Old 03-24-19, 10:26 AM
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I don't think I fit either honestly. I have a decent bike, it works well for me. (29 incher, in good shape). I like to ride it to meet people out in the middle of the jungle. We have been living here for about 15 years now, and I like to get out about once a week to see who I can see. If there are people who want to talk (or feed me, better yet!) - I stop. My bike is a mode of transportation that I really enjoy, and only costs a little to operate - usually more food, and I don't complain about having an excuse to eat a bit more... I had a motorcycle for a while, but not now. No one waves you down on a motorcycle or a car. Lots of people invite me in while riding a bike (probably because I am grinding up a mountain with a gravel road... )

I have never really been into sports - so I don't really compete against others. Normally I ride alone though because I am faster than most people, though not trying - just practice. I don't really have any special clothes - but I do have clipless pedals, etc. I look like a Fred, because, well honestly, that is my first name... Fred!

It sure doesn't bother me if people want to be hardcore or enthusiastic, as long as you don't want me to ride with you... I guess I started riding bikes for transportation and for seeing the world, and never really moved on to anything else.
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Old 03-25-19, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by TKJava View Post
When I was very young e.g. below 25 I rode quite a bit. I had a Trek 400 touring bike and I put in a lot of miles around where I lived. I never would wear "cycling clothes" and always thought those who did were ridiculous. In fact I was pretty much anti-bike clothes and paraphernalia. Fast forward to many years later, post young kids etc. I started riding again and I went on 30 mile ride on a cinder path as part of a club ride. At about 20 miles my butt was having some serious pain, my wife who was wearing cycling pants with a pad was having a good time riding and laughing at me for having to keep standing up. Fast forward a year after that and I buy a new carbon fiber road bike and .... cycling clothes including those ridiculous stiff shoes. After going out on a few rides and loving how comfortable I am putting in 25 - 35 miles on a regular basis and going on a 85 mile charity ride (MS Ride) I will never go back to the days of sneakers and essentially gym shorts and a t-shirt on a ride.

I really do believe that maximizing your comfort really helps you to increase your distance and I don't ride long distances for the sake of it or to check a box so to speak. I just find it very enjoyable to leave my house and travel winding roads without many cars and wind up 20 miles from home at a lake or something, chill for a bit and go home. I kind of think of it as analogous to a golf outing (I don't golf) where you do 18 holes, have lunch and a beer and your gone form home for 3 or 4 hours. The bottom line is for me, being more comfortable having shoes that maximize muscle input to the pedal is the way to go.

Of course I do hear the snide remarks between the young couple behind me in the coffee shop who think some guy in his 50's ought not to be wearing Lycra but you get over it. I have had to point out to a biker or 2 along the way that the leather jacket, patches and bandanna are part of your club's getup just like mine. And oh by the way your 20 years younger 30 pounds fatter and can't propel yourself 10 miles without an engine.
Great story, well said.

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