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Tingling feet, a nut, and replacing hoods.

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Tingling feet, a nut, and replacing hoods.

Old 10-12-19, 09:02 PM
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Tingling feet, a nut, and replacing hoods.

No, they have nothing to do with each other, but I'm a fan of condensing issues.

Long story short, I feel great on the Shogun until I hit about 12 miles, then my feet start to tingle and go numb. I went to the LBS, they determined that my saddle is wide enough, but couldn't help with why I'm having this problem. Any other suggestions? They said they normally have people test saddles in the store, but riding 12 miles in the store is a bit more than they do. I'm comfortable with my Avenir, but maybe I'm not? Open to any suggestions on why it's happening.

Next topic. I have a cyclops fluid trainer that the Shogun back wheel nut doesn't fit into. I ride it for a couple minutes and it falls out. Are there special nuts that fit in the fluid trainer? This doesn't have a quick release. What am I looking for?

The hoods on this bike (Shimano 105) are not in the best shape. They aren't as clean the other bikes I see and have upper and lower levers. What do I use/how do I replace them? One is cracked. Would it be better to swap out the levers? This bike will probably never be ridden on roads again by me. My son is eyeing it for his own use a couple years from now. He's only 4'5" currently.

Last thing...I need words to describe what I'm talking about--if you understand, give me the correct names if I'm off. Thanks.
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Old 10-12-19, 09:20 PM
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What pedals/shoes are you using?
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Old 10-12-19, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by thinktubes View Post
What pedals/shoes are you using?
Flat/platform pedals. And the shoes I use for running.
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Old 10-12-19, 10:25 PM
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Could be that your saddle is too wide and cutting off circulation.
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Old 10-12-19, 10:37 PM
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...or a tad too high, maybe
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As I got older my feet widened and I got tingling in the toes, Shimano and Sidi "wide" shoes took care of it maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Nerve compression and/or blood circulation are usually the problem. Seat height can also cause problems so a bike fit would be best but going here https://www.competitivecyclist.com/S...ulatorBike.jsp
might help you get to a better fit. In talking to a fitter I recall being told nerve compression is not good to ignore as it can have lasting damage.
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Old 10-13-19, 07:39 AM
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Try removing the insoles on the shoes, that'll give you an extra size or so of room. *

* Source: Retired shoe salesman.
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Old 10-13-19, 08:08 AM
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You've just discovered why cycling shoes have stiff soles.

Some people can get away with using running shoes for cycling, especially for short distances. Sounds like you're not one of those people.
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Old 10-13-19, 08:28 AM
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3) Regarding the 105, are you only concerned with the goods or is it the levers themselves? Also, we need to know which generation of 105 it is. eBay often has replacement hoods for older 105 even.

2) Regarding the nut, just want to clear things up- the trainer grabs the rear axle? If so, is it a QR skewer or solid axle? Either way, swapping the nut or QR skewer to a better shape may help. They donít just come in one shape and a LBS might be able to heal you there.

1) I have become a huge fan of the ďopen boxĒ running shoe. I donít run a lot, but it sure helps when I do. I also use the same shoe on large flats (MKS Lambda) and I have not had my toes go numb since. I only use clipless in short rides. Everything else and Iím free-footing it! My foot position is also very different - mid sole rather than the ball of the foot. I ride for comfort and distance, not speed. But people tend to go faster if they are comfortable.

Do you run in the shoes for similar amounts of time as you ride to the point of tingling and not have issues? If so, you may consider lowering your saddle, as suggested above. Many have found this more comfortable as we age and not to seriously impact our power output or speed. Do it gradually in small increments so it doesnít feel weird until you get comfortable. Some have gone down 2cm in the end.

I like to do things in reverse order sometimes.
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Old 10-13-19, 08:31 AM
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The trainer usually comes with a skewer that works with the conical shape of the clamp. It often expects a.internal cam skewer.
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Old 10-14-19, 01:51 PM
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I haven't ridden in "regular running shoes" since I was a teen ager. Went right to old school toe clips, cleats and straps. We got numb toes from having the straps cinched too tight for racing. Fast forward to about 2000, when I discovered clipless SPDs. I only use the toe clips when required for Eroica. I never ride flat pedals, but suspect that the regular running shoes don't provide enough sole support. Real cycling shoes are stiff, and support the foot much more securely, relieving pressure points that can cause numbness, etc. No shoe or fit is perfect for everybody. A couple of years ago, I discovered orthotic insoles with adjustable wedges for arch and metatarsal support. Even with proper cycling shoes, I have had occasional numbness issues from time to time. The new insoles (I have both Pearl Izumi and Specialized) really helped the fit and feel. My left foot is 100% over the numbness and the right about 80%. I'm 70 years old and have never had a professional fitting, but it might be time for you, if the foot issues are hurting your rides.
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Old 10-14-19, 02:17 PM
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Running shoes are probably about the worst possible shoes for riding a bike. OK for a commute or something. A pedal with a decent sized platform with lots of surface area will help.

I can empathize. I tend to get sore feet after 20 miles or so in just about any street shoe, though some are better than others. Numbness and foot pain has always been a bigger issue for me than saddle pain. The best solution to this is cycling shoes. There's a reason they were invented.

IME the best fit for cycling shoes is a little counter-intuitive. Snug works better than loose. I like my hiking and jogging shoes to be a bit on the loose side. This kind of fit results in pain on a bike. I go for 'right' sized. Not tight, not loose, just snug. Also, thick socks just don't work for me. Thin cycling socks are much more comfortable. I have no idea why really. Perhaps my feet move around less inside the shoe.
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Old 10-14-19, 03:48 PM
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can you post so pics of the trainer and specifically how your skewer is interfacing with the cup on the trainer "axle' ? as suggested above you may just need to swap to a skewer that will fit the cup on the better. I see that back country has a cyclops specific skewer for not a ton of $$$

+1 on getting wider shoes as I got older I cycle in some Merrell slip on knock offs from Duluth trading and have not have any tingling like I used to get from narrower clipless bike shoes back when I rode that way.
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Old 10-14-19, 04:20 PM
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On the subject of numb feet, my feet will go numb a bit during spring conditioning season. During that time I keep shoes loose and move my feet around and even stop for a break and walk around. That helps greatly. After the level of fitness increases, the numb feet seem to just fade away.
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