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Cycling with broken wrist.

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Cycling with broken wrist.

Four weeks ago I crashed my bike, and in the process broke my wrist.The medical term is Distal Radial Fracture.I had a hard cast on for four weeks and now use a removable cast.Although my wrist seems to be healing normally I still have pain.The doctors don’t seem to be too helpful when I ask them about returning to cycling. The comment I got was “Well, I wouldn’t do 20 or 30 miles.” At times my wrist doesn’t hurt until I start moving it around. I am wondering if anyone else had had this happen to them, and how long did it take to get back in the saddle.
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I'd be careful and make sure it fully heals before heading out on the bike.

Something like a recumbent trike could likely be fully controlled with one hand, or perhaps 99% of control with one hand, and only use the other hand for braking, or high speed steering.

The "Other Portland" has adaptive cycling rentals. You might ask if there is something local to you.
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Back in 1996 I went over the bars in a panic stop to avoiding hitting a clueless pedestrian who jumped out in front of me.
The result was a Colles' fracture of the left wrist.
I resumed cycling once the external fixator was removed, but the wrist was shock sensitive for a couple years.
My workarounds were:
- Workmans gloves with silicone padding in the palm (used with impact tools).
- Taking my left hand completely off the bars if I saw rough pavement coming.
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happened to my Wife on July 4th. just got her removable cast. I can't see her subjecting her wrist to the shaking & bumping of riding. so I wouldn't recommend it. she's still dealing with building strength & some trace occasional twinges of pain. gave her one of my squeeze clamps to work with. but I suppose you can go for a short ride with your brace & see how you feel 24 hrs later. I imagine any discomfort will be self regulating

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Broke my wrist on 7/18. I did do a 23 min on wed 8/15. I did ride my mtb on the road hoping the suspension would help with any discomfort. It was ok. I did have my removable cast on. I wonder how much of the discomfort is due to lack of use also. I also had a plate and ten screws installed with the surgery. I worry that my impatience will lead to elevated arthritis as I age. It's inevitable according to the doctor,.I will have arthritis. If your strong enough just wait till next year.....
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I just microcracked a small bone in my left wrist catching myself falling over

[Bike stopped out from underneath me .(front disc brake worked too well) ]

wore a wrist brace for a couple months.. laid off my mandolin playing too..

rode , as I do, in town , a few blocks , 9 at most gets me there..



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Go to a sports based physician.
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Get a city cruiser or a step-through with Northroad bars and an upright position. Limited exposure to the wrists I would think.
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I join the club!

28th of may 2018, I crashed with my bike too, when commuting back home.
Didn't ride that hard, though... perhaps wasn't that concentrated, fatigue... dreamy mood, or lump, I don't know.
Anyway, it was totally myself to blame, happily no other people involved.

Had to get surgery, a titanium plate in my wrist, and a broken pink.
Almost 4 months later now, I still can't fold my wrist totally, but can already do push-ups a bit. My pink can't fold normally anymore, but don't need it that much.
Had to do physiotherapy, laboriously, painful (but worth doing), bit by bit, it came better.

My bike needed to get fixed, but I can still ride right now, without pain, unless the bike shakes a bit on bumpy roads.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back. Online, and on bike.
I can play the guitar again too.
Hope it gets better with your situation soon ! Keep your head up!

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If you’re talking about road biking on billboard-table smooth asphalt, no issues if you are wearing a good brace. If you’re talking about mountain biking on rocky singletrack or downhill, then it will be months before your can ride. Your doctors aren’t helpful because there are so many answers and they depend on what kind of environment you’re subjecting your broken wrist to.

I agree that arthritis as a long term result of the fracture is likely inevitable, and pushing your recovery too fast could increase the magnitude of that.
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Doctors (and most of us here) are not going to tell you that it's OK to take risks with your broken arm. But if it didn't hurt too much and I was sure that I wouldn't crash, I'd ride.
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My condolences and I hope you can quickly recover, just give yourself a chance to do so. I second what was said about a sports physician or perhaps see a physical therapist to help regain your strength and range of motion if you have trouble. Be mindful of your brakes and grip strength. My wrist break occurred long ago. I do recall it took some time to regain grip strength.
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Wrist doing good.

Well,I broke my wrist in a mountain bike crash 8/10/18.I had it in a hard cast for 8 weeks , then a soft cast for about 3 weeks.My wrist seems to have healed nicely. I was back to biking the 12 miles a day to work ( round trip) at the beginning of Oct.At first there was notable pain as it was shock sensitive, but now the pain is almost non existent. It seemed that the pain would never go away, and then I started to notice that it was less and less painful.It just takes time, and it’s important to let it heal properly.BTW, I’m 63 years old so there is hope.
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If you are cycling for fitness (as opposed to "for utility" or "because you don't have a car") you're better off taking things indoors and just hitting a recumbent stationary bike for a few more weeks. You can still get a good cardiovascular workout, can still keep your legs in shape, and if you do a little core exercise you'll remain fairly bike-fit for when your wrist heals to the point that it's not risking additional damage cycling.
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