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one4smoke 05-10-21 09:22 PM

Originally Posted by Litespud (Post 22051529)
156mi, av 17.4 mph, ~6400 ft vertical. North-south crossing of NC, from VA line to SC line

Damn. Kudos to you, my man! :thumb:

Troul 05-11-21 11:40 AM

156 is good, ut that ave mph of 17 is grrrrreat!

diphthong 05-11-21 07:57 PM


one4smoke 05-11-21 08:17 PM

30... Sunday.

kahn 05-12-21 09:20 PM
Leaving downtown Seattle on foot/bike Kitsap ferry
Returning to Seattle on regular WA state car/truck/bike
The two straight legs were ferry rides across Puget Sound. The mileage was all by bike.

ultrarider7 05-12-21 09:25 PM
Along Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis
Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis
Downtown St. Paul
The view of Minneapolis skyline from Mendota
60 mile trip around the cities.

Troul 05-13-21 11:26 AM

40 Miles O.D.

Troul 05-14-21 01:02 PM

103 Miles O.D.

diphthong 05-15-21 02:47 AM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22059493)
103 Miles O.D.

putting in some serious miles first half of the year.

Troul 05-15-21 03:11 PM

105 Miles O.D.

Troul 05-15-21 03:15 PM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 22060281)
putting in some serious miles first half of the year.

I usually ride more frequently vs ride longer. The weather, life, & other factors are making each ride *count, as I may not be able to get out there & ride willy nilly to fulfilly the miles. I will not complain if the miles blow past the personal norm. lol

ofajen 05-15-21 08:03 PM

Originally Posted by UCantTouchThis (Post 22061078)
46 miles with a buddy today at 18.3 average speed. 2:30 ride time. Windy but a two man team taking 1 mile turns at the front works well. I have to say it is rough trying to get a draft at times when your buddy is half your height and half your weight. :D

I always ride solo these days, but with my height, Ive always been told that I cast a good wind shadow. 😊


rsbob 05-15-21 10:54 PM

Originally Posted by Litespud (Post 22051529)
156mi, av 17.4 mph, ~6400 ft vertical. North-south crossing of NC, from VA line to SC line

Damn! Are you man or machine?

I did a pidley 40 miles, ave 17.4 mph (the only similarity) with 2000 vert. My only excuse is being an old feeble 66 YO.

CAT7RDR 05-16-21 06:31 PM

22 miles in 2 hours in sloppy drizzle on 25mm's and rim brakes. Did not want to crash today so shut it down after twitching my rear tire on some sand.

Oh yeah, 2 hours to give the Peloton a bath, cleaning and re-lubed afterwards.

y2zipper 05-16-21 07:36 PM

Put in 106 yesterday. My garage to the group ride, group ride in the middle and then finish the century at the end. I'm getting to a point where I want to go for a century a week with a buddy of mine.

20 miles on the MUP today for recovery.

gios 05-16-21 08:57 PM

Another six day century with this mornings ride.

Mon 5/10 17.1
Wed 5/12 17.2
Thu 5/13 17.0
Fri 5/14 16.8
Sat 5/15 17.0
Sun 5/16 17.2 - total 102 miles

rsbob 05-16-21 10:29 PM

No offense, and am glad you got in100 miles last week, but can’t quite understand the premise behind a multi-day ‘century’. The definition of a century is riding 100 miles in a single shot. If all of us could come up with our own definition of what constitutes a century, then isn’t the term meaningless?

Wouldn’t it be more meaningful and straightforward to say I rode 100 miles last week? But do your own thing and keep bagging the miles.

PS, I rode 4 double centuries this year, but spread it out from Jan 1 until today. ;)

Troul 05-17-21 12:05 PM

103 Miles O.D. yesterday, 27 Miles O.D. today.

ultrarider7 05-17-21 12:10 PM

70 miles on Saturday, 43 on Sunday. Great weekend in Minnesota!

one4smoke 05-17-21 01:28 PM

22 miles Saturday

favabean1982 05-17-21 05:00 PM

30 on Zwift so far, maybe 60 before the day is over...well see.

diphthong 05-18-21 03:40 AM


gios 05-18-21 08:57 AM

17 miles coming off a 30 hour fast. Almost an hour - started just before sunrise.

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