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Rock71 07-29-18 09:15 AM

28.6 miles yesterday in our unusually cool 72 degree weather. Of course I stopped at the local bike watering hole 3 miles from the house and had a couple of adult beverages. :thumb: Looks like a repeat Today!!!!

Troul 07-29-18 11:50 AM

30.1 early this morning.
11.5 in the later morning
15.5 top of the hour.
= 57.1 total

dennis336 07-29-18 02:03 PM

61.2 miles today

Doctor Morbius 07-29-18 04:42 PM

Rode the usual 10 miles today. But it was my fastest ride of the year. :thumb:

I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made this year given that I'm only averaging 2 rides per week.

one4smoke 07-29-18 04:43 PM

58 far.

dparks 07-29-18 04:55 PM

54 yesterday - only 23 today. At 65 years old I have to save a little for the next ride!

subgrade 07-30-18 01:56 AM

Today it was the usual 9.5 km/ 6 mi commute to work. A 100 km / 62 mile ride was planned for last Saturday, but did only 40 km / 25 miles. It turned out that spending all previous night at the bar, no sleep, very little breakfast and +32 degrees C / 90 F are not the optimal conditions for long rides. Who knew?

jfoobar 07-30-18 09:34 AM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 20475434)
That's what I had to do at one point in time. Tape works much better than the rubber strip.

Decided to not even bother riding on the new tube and took it into that other LBS that builds wheels. They found nothing wrong with the rim at all but noted that the rim tape that the first LBS put in was moving around laterally and confirmed from the punctured tubes I gave them that the punctures were indeed on the inner seam in line with the valve. Best guess is that the tubes were being pinched between the tape and the spoke holes. He re-wrapped it with wide, adhesive-backed cloth tape. I won't be able to try it out for a couple of weeks due to work but I am pretty confident that he nailed it.

sevenmag 07-30-18 11:50 AM

75 yesterday. Not looking good for a ride today. Thunderstorms are popping up already.

jmlapoint 07-30-18 12:01 PM

My Ride
I ride 35 miles 3-4 times a week on a Fixed-Gear.

one4smoke 07-30-18 09:06 PM

33.2 this evening.

SylvainG 07-31-18 08:03 PM

I had in mind to do a 30-40 km recovery ride but ended up doing a metric century (110 km actually).

one4smoke 07-31-18 09:48 PM

Originally Posted by SylvainG (Post 20481170)
I had in mind to do a 30-40 km recovery ride but ended up doing a metric century (110 km actually).

Only 23.2 today.

diphthong 08-01-18 12:44 AM

only 6.6 miles apparently. garmin is currently down and strava app only recorded slightly less than half of the ride (but those are two separate threads). experience tells me it was a little over
14 miles. july is usually a big month for me but it's been disappointing this go round. shooting for a big august.

Patriot1 08-01-18 07:01 AM

26 miles yesterday.

Doctor Morbius 08-01-18 04:30 PM

19 Miles on the hybrid today. 10 were at a decent "exercise" pace and 9 were easy peasy lollygagging miles. I would have done 20, but I stopped to talk to a neighbor. I'll make it up later.

pdoege 08-01-18 07:51 PM

33.9 miles

John00 08-02-18 01:38 AM

50 Miles, 89. We are getting a little relief from the heat, going to be on the high 70s in a couple days.

Baldy1953 08-02-18 05:47 PM

did 37.39 miles today. Wind was blowing pretty good. Seemed to be a headwind both ways.

SylvainG 08-02-18 05:54 PM

2.4 km, to and from the physio.

OldTryGuy 08-02-18 06:06 PM

Had to get back home to take wife out for dinner. Rode a HOT & HUMID palindromic 131 miles.

Doctor Morbius 08-02-18 07:56 PM

13.5 Miles today on the hybrid.

qthanh 08-04-18 05:14 AM

72 km today

one4smoke 08-04-18 09:04 AM

Originally Posted by John00 (Post 20483540)
50 Miles, 89. We are getting a little relief from the heat, going to be on the high 70s in a couple days.

My kind of riding weather! :thumb:

Doctor Morbius 08-07-18 07:04 PM

10 Miles at an easy pace. I may push the pace a little tomorrow.

Why is it when I tell other people I ride 10 miles they act like it's a big deal? It sure doesn't seem like a large amount to me. And from what I see other members posting, it doesn't seem like a large amount to them either.

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