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subgrade 08-30-20 11:22 AM

My PB thus far: 210 km/130 mi

UnderDawgAl 08-30-20 01:58 PM

19 miles on the W&OD Trail. New longest ride since 2014 {...or was it 2013?}. Man, six years off of routine cardio exercise doesn't do a body any good.

Troul 08-30-20 04:11 PM

70 miles seeing a lot of unseeables

biker128pedal 08-30-20 06:39 PM

Nice mid eighties today. Road 46 miles. And no rain.

mellowyellow 08-30-20 07:12 PM

Zero kms. Still recovering from the day before yesterday's 32+..
I know 32 kms sounds like nuthin much.. BUT, for me a big deal. I've been riding only an e bIke for 4 years.. Had no idea that I was getting fitter with pedal assist, until the motor packed up, and I had no choice but to ride an ancient lightweight Peugeot.. Only 10-11kg..instead. Wonderful experience. My defunct ebike is around 30kg. I realized that at 78, I'm on better bike form, than I've ever been.. First time I didn't get off and push it, on steeper bits of hill. I've invested in a new wide saddle for this old/new bike.. the current saddle is like a brick. Got to try that 32 kms again....

Troul 09-01-20 07:48 AM

28 miles

gios 09-02-20 10:50 AM

Five laps, 27 miles.

diphthong 09-02-20 04:48 PM


Troul 09-03-20 05:22 PM

29 miles yesterday, 47 miles today.

coopman 09-03-20 06:26 PM

10.2 miles.

feejer 09-03-20 06:42 PM

9.6 mi. :D We’re just getting back into it and have little free time. Still really enjoyable!

UnderDawgAl 09-03-20 07:31 PM

Yesterday a quick 10 miles, the final 1.5 of which were in a deluge of Biblical proportions. That was my first time on a road bike to get caught in such heavy blowing rain.

gios 09-03-20 07:39 PM

22 miles, 4 laps.

diphthong 09-04-20 01:20 AM


Troul 09-04-20 06:55 PM

112. Had to keep the rhythm going to keep warm.

one4smoke 09-04-20 09:05 PM

About 68 total so far this week...

Troul 09-05-20 03:18 PM

57 warmer miles.

Mulberry20 09-05-20 04:19 PM

7 times around the Central Park loop at a very brisk pace, gorgeous day, 44 miles.

bubbafat 09-05-20 04:49 PM

20 miles.

Previous longest ride was 12 miles. Felt very comfortable.

UnderDawgAl 09-05-20 07:05 PM


gios 09-05-20 09:33 PM

27 miles, 5 laps.

SVTNate 09-06-20 09:55 AM

I did 35 a few days ago, I had about 50 for the week, but this 110F heat is killing my riding.

Staying indoors, staying cool, doing pushups and core strength exercises, and planning a 50 mile ride down the coast for tomorrow morning.

Troul 09-06-20 03:56 PM

71 not so warm miles.

one4smoke 09-06-20 07:42 PM

72 very warm miles. Water has never been so good.

GhostSS 09-06-20 07:49 PM

Gf and I did 8 miles test riding our 80s vintage builds after adjusting and changing out components. Vintage turbo saddle I just put on is the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden on.

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