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carleton 04-26-14 07:50 PM

8bits 04-27-14 06:25 AM

new shape for the Corima 4 spoke, maybe to distinguish from the new FFWD 4 spoke? Also it seems there's more material at the center of the wheel.

4 Spoke carbon wheel: The original monocoque wheel model - Carbon Wheels - CORIMA

VanceMac 04-27-14 08:42 AM

Those are hot. I have to admit, in the absence of any convincing data, I went with 4-spoke because I like how they look better than 3 or 5.

VanceMac 04-27-14 08:51 AM

Originally Posted by carleton (Post 16704906)

Nice interview. I really like watching and racing keirin... but I can do without the aggro nascar stuff at 5:57.

Quinn8it 04-27-14 12:38 PM

Originally Posted by VanceMac (Post 16705921)
but I can do without the aggro nascar stuff at 5:57.

That is japanese keirin

thats not bad former or out of line- its how the race is raced there.

in the words of my Moto Driver, a 60+ year old who attended Keirin School 45yrs ago and raced a season:
"Japanese Keirin is a combination of Sprinting and Roller Derby- Olympic Keirin is a Short Scratch Race"

Hermes 04-27-14 03:32 PM

IMO, Corima somewhat copied Fast Forward's graphic color scheme. I like the FF 4 spoke but I do not need any more wheelsets.

VanceMac 04-27-14 04:11 PM

I do like that the blades on the FFWD are shaped like an airfoil (and therefore unidirectional). I would like it even more if there were some wind tunnel data!

It sounds like the Corima blades are as well: "The profile of the rim with the 2D concept and the shape of the spokes like a drop of water (leading edge and trailing edge) make it very aerodynamic."

8bits 05-03-14 05:34 AM

Regarding the speed suits on the winter olympics: Report: Yep, Under Armour's Suits Did Slow U.S. Speedskaters Down

8bits 05-25-14 05:56 AM

For anyone looking to buy a high end sprint frame, it doesn't get any better/cheaper than this

Brand New Koga Kimera Track Frameset Fixie BT Single Speed Velodrome | eBay

it is a steal

brawlo 05-25-14 09:00 PM

Originally Posted by 8bits (Post 16789575)
For anyone looking to buy a high end sprint frame, it doesn't get any better/cheaper than this

Brand New Koga Kimera Track Frameset Fixie BT Single Speed Velodrome | eBay

it is a steal

I can't believe the guy hasn't sold out of them yet! They've been on the cheap for quite a while now.

Dalai 05-26-14 02:30 AM

Only size 57cm left - 547mm TT...

Velocirapture 05-26-14 12:23 PM

Originally Posted by Dalai (Post 16791932)
Only size 57cm left - 547mm TT...

if that's your size, what an awesome bike. (Dalai, how's the shoulder?)

Dalai 05-27-14 02:35 AM

Good price and I need a new bike, but too small. Also just got slugged a surprise additional $5,000 bill from the hospital so will be a while before I'll be getting a new frameset...

Still in the sling for just under 4 more weeks before I see the surgeon again. Hopefully will then get the okay to ride the bike without being bolted to the trainer!

mxs 05-27-14 05:49 PM

There used to be a better article on Campa Freak, but the site seems to have been taken down. I find the little story about Hubner snapping an NJS stem in front of organizers in an effort to let him use his custom setup really interesting; wish there was a photo/video.

TEXTIMA track bike: All Killer, No Filler - Bike Hugger

zizou 05-28-14 06:02 AM

This is reckless and terrifying....but thrilling too!

Kayce 05-30-14 01:57 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Funny little bit of evidence on how crappy USAC is. This is from their official guide on how to submit results

carleton 05-30-14 06:50 PM

Originally Posted by Kayce (Post 16806508)
Funny little bit of evidence on how crappy USAC is. This is from their official guide on how to submit results

Maybe it's a database thing as opposed to a willful oversight of track racing. Like:

- MTB and CX results are put into the MTB database system.
- Road and Track results are put in the Road database system.
- Collegiate road, track, cx, mtb, are all put into the Collegiate database system.

* (Collegiate is very different. They even have their own Category system ("A" through "E" as opposed to "1" through "5"))

I've spent a lot of time using that database as an end-user and I have a LONG list of gripes about it.

Baby Puke 06-04-14 11:54 PM

Just found this fun english-language guide to Japanese keirin:
What is Keirin?? ? A Guide to Keirin

theblackbullet 06-05-14 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by zizou (Post 16798167)
This is reckless and terrifying....but thrilling too!


looks like fun! me and a teammate caught the wheel of a dump truck a couple of weeks ago

Hida Yanra 06-13-14 06:00 PM

don't get to contribute to this thread with content very often, but here's one-
A guy on another forum was photographer for an even in Spain, asked if anyone had heard of a few Spanish ex-pros... among them some dude named Joan?

I mentioned that yeah, I'd probably heard about him before.
He gets back to me (much) later after the event with a couple "where are they now" photos here.

Seems like all but the most famous ex-pros mostly drop out of view pretty quickly, especially trackies what with no TdF promo appearances and such.
Looks like J-L is still lean and has reasonable taste in retro kit.

Dalai 06-14-14 07:33 PM

Details about the new indoor velodrome to be built in Queensland. This will be the 7th indoor timber velodrome in Australia! Now the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory will be the only 'states' still to be without an indoor track! :)

Brisbane firm to design new Queensland State Velodrome

VanceMac 07-29-14 02:05 PM

Originally Posted by Spoonrobot (Post 16985833)
Thought this was pretty interesting. Strategies for Elimination Races / Strategies for Spring Racing (direct PDF link below):

Perfect primer for beginners (and others). Would save a lot of people from the "wait, what just happened?!?" reactions in their first few Miss-n-Outs.

Jared. 07-31-14 10:51 PM

My reaction this whole season so far. Nice link, good primer for sure.

zizou 09-12-14 04:09 AM

Jens Voigts bike for his attempt at the hour. Going with a road crankset and chainring with some custom cogs so a "trackified" version of their TT bike rather than a track specific design

Exclusive: Jens Voigt's hour record Trek bike |

700wheel 09-12-14 12:28 PM

Jens' Trek track bike uses a custom rear cog (and perhaps the bike is considered custom too). Doesn't equipment have to be available for purchase by anyone? Also new frames and forks have to be approved by UCI. (Of course I'm sure Trek will sell me a comparable frame/bike if I offer them enough money.)

"Bicycles and their accessories shall be of a type that is sold for use by anyone practising cycling as a sport. The use of equipment designed especially for the attainment of a particular performance (record or other) shall be not authorised.”

I wish Jens all the best in going for the hour record.

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