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chaarzarul73 03-13-14 06:29 PM

This is my $145 Wally World cruiser. It's the "Onex" by Genesis. The frame is aluminum, as well as the rims and they have enough spokes to make Matt Hoffman happy. I removed the fenders and chain guard and replaced the cranks (longer ones), sprocket (smaller one), and the seat. I'll be putting new handlebars on it, soon. It rides like a dream. Everything cheap needs to be altered in some way.

chaarzarul73 03-13-14 06:32 PM

That GT/Harley is nice.

chaarzarul73 03-13-14 06:40 PM

Cruisers shouldn't be ass-high...

chaarzarul73 03-14-14 12:21 PM

Just got my new bars. Little Black B1tch is bad @ass, now.https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.n...23865085_n.jpg

chaarzarul73 03-14-14 03:58 PM

New saddle and hi-fi stereo system. :roflmao2:

QuikRick 03-18-14 01:45 PM

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Early 80's Schwinn Cruiser 5

BolsonShaft 03-21-14 06:33 PM

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Hi im a newb. I love beach cruisers and here is mine:

Here it is before the ape hangers:

Now on to the long awaited custom paint job:

SHOFINE 03-23-14 02:23 AM

Mods since I got my Fatty back in the fall:
Aged Brooks B17
Orange ESI chunky grips
Orange Wellgo MG-1 pedals
Vee Rubber Vee 8 tires.
Sram x9 10 spd shifter
Drilled 1.25" holes in rims
On One Fatty Carbon Fork ordered.

888lefty 03-25-14 05:20 PM

Love that low boardtrack racer style.

888lefty 03-25-14 05:48 PM

Where did you get those monster sprockets?

blacksapphire08 04-02-14 10:38 AM

Originally Posted by chaarzarul73 (Post 16578330)
New saddle and hi-fi stereo system. :roflmao2:

Lol i love it.

ChillinWillin 04-06-14 06:48 PM

My Townie 7D and a 29" Genesis Onex Cruiser

pathdoc 04-10-14 09:32 AM

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I think my current bike build may belong here at Beach Cruisers.
Started out as a cheapie city bicycle.
Added a Brooks saddle, antique handlebars, stem and front rack from an old Dutch bike, removed fenders and added huge cream tires.
Also addded a beautiful chainguard from Velo-Orange

pathdoc 04-11-14 08:46 AM

Seriously good looking bike.

Originally Posted by stillanimal (Post 16115105)

skidder 04-13-14 05:10 PM

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Nothing fancy here. Its a late-1990's Schwinn Typhonn (dept store quality) that I got for free. I had to get a new handlebar, new tires, and give it a cleaning, but it came out nice for a ride-around-the-neighborhood bike. And I live 2.5 miles from the beach, so its really IS going to be a beach cruiser. :D

clenaghen 04-14-14 01:19 PM

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My Nirve Forty-Nine cruiser with my dog Milo in the back. First cruiser I have owned and love it!

anthonygeo 04-29-14 07:55 AM

Electra Cruiser
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Finally winter is letting up! I really want to invest in a Brooks cruiser saddle.

ChillinWillin 04-29-14 10:38 AM

A GX7 from Walmart. At the LBS now, getting it lubed and tuned. We'll see how this one works out

TranceLov3 05-03-14 02:37 PM

So many interesting bikes here

TranceLov3 05-03-14 02:38 PM

Originally Posted by BolsonShaft (Post 16599785)
Hi im a newb. I love beach cruisers and here is mine:

How do you even ride it? Whaaaat... Don't your hands get extremely tired?

ilikebikes 05-04-14 08:52 PM

Board Track Racer? Then you may (or may not) like this incarnation....

BamaJuggs 05-07-14 09:35 PM

My wife and I got these on Saturday. Haven't rode a bike in at least 10 years. So much fun.

ChillinWillin 05-07-14 09:38 PM

You'll have a lot of fun on those bikes. They'll make you wanna ride every chance you get.

jdswitters 05-08-14 07:57 AM

Originally Posted by ilikebikes (Post 16728525)
Board Track Racer? Then you may (or may not) like this incarnation....

Nice with the lights and north road bars. How is the ride with the forward position and the springer fork? I had a springer from chubbies cruisers on the front of a schwinn for a while and took it off, it was always too squishy.

ilikebikes 05-08-14 08:34 AM

Both Schwinn springer forks and Schwinn style repop forks are fully adjustable by loosening or tightening the bolt that runs down the middle of the spring. ;)

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