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ofajen 02-26-21 05:43 PM

17 miles! First time outside in several weeks due to ice, snow and bitter cold. Felt like a lot more than 17 due to the soft mud. Still very therapeutic! 😊


OldTryGuy 02-27-21 01:03 PM

Originally Posted by OldTryGuy (Post 21940614)
Went out yesterday and laid out my SOLO FULL MOON Midnight Madness Ride for this Saturday's ride. Will be an "out 'n back" 52 miler per loop. At least 2 loops planned but maybe more with good weather conditions.

Only 1 "Out and Back" so had to improvise >>>

WonderMonkey 02-27-21 03:23 PM

7.3 miles. First ride of 2021 and it was with the wife so I'm ok with the distance.

Troul 02-27-21 03:24 PM

44.8 miles inside.

NoWhammies 02-28-21 01:47 PM

An easy 53k with Mrs. NoWhammies to test drive the new ride.

WonderMonkey 02-28-21 02:10 PM

11.49 mi today. Second ride of the year. Wind at my back on the way out, face on the way in. Not terribly, though.

Troul 02-28-21 08:35 PM

20 miles in side 50T&11T the entire ride. Averaged 20.2MPH

jonnoo 02-28-21 08:39 PM


jaxgtr 02-28-21 08:44 PM

Only did stopped by a train stuck on the tracks and since I could not see where it ended, I just head back home. Was shooting for 35, but the shorten ride meant I had to help the wife redo all the plant beds :notamused:

Troul 02-28-21 08:52 PM

Originally Posted by jonnoo (Post 21945959)
did i ask


Nate8727 02-28-21 10:16 PM

1.3 miles. Had to cut it short because it was too cold at 39 degrees and the wind was a little brutal.

Notso_fastLane 03-01-21 10:26 AM

26.8 miles yesterday. It was cold (started at 28F, ended at 32F). I was in the velo, so I didn't really notice the wind. Fun ride overall. I work on a military base, and use that as a big part of my route, especially on sundays. A bit over 12 miles in the gate, around the perimeter road that circles the runway, and out a different gate: saw a total of 4 cars.

Going out the gate and down the big hill, I was passing traffic (speed limit is 45 mph there). :D

ofajen 03-01-21 10:49 AM

After our Arctic debacle, I was delighted to ride outside the last three days. A faster 20 miles yesterday than the similar ride on Friday, as a lot of areas were not as soft and sticky after more warmer days.


rsbob 03-01-21 09:07 PM

26.5 miles
few sights today
When laying upside down in a ditch
Who says water flows downhill?
Gravity defying buck
Elk cows

diphthong 03-01-21 09:44 PM

late start. really nice day in the low 70's. only mustered up a 26-spot with a little lunch stop.

Troul 03-02-21 05:44 AM

^- If you were to had rode in PA, I read somewhere that a shop gives out free beer...

22.5 miles in on the trainer...

The Chemist 03-02-21 07:34 AM

25km on a few circuits of a short low traffic loop near my apartment complex.

Troul 03-02-21 01:55 PM

19 miles looking out the window

sovende 03-03-21 05:12 PM

Just over 10 miles :backpedal:. First real ride of the year. Was planning on some Winter trail riding last month (February) but around the time I got my NashBar Terra XT prepped, the bitter cold set in and quashed my enthusiasm :rolleyes:. Now that the weather has improved (there’s been significant improvement!) much of our snow melted and the trails became a muddy mess. Nevertheless, I did ride the Terra XT today. Not exactly rigged for road riding (knobby tires with ~50 psi in th3m) it was a bit of a sluggish ride. Pretty nice day though. Temps in the upper 40s and minimal wind. Very leisurely ride. Actually kinda surprised that I went even 10 miles. With very favorable weather forecast for the next week or so, I hope to get out several more times. I’ll be using one of my road bikes though and at the very least doubling the mileage.

UncleG 03-03-21 05:25 PM

Another 10 mile shakedown. The bike is ready, my hind parts are not.

roadwarrior16 03-03-21 06:17 PM

5km for me....nothing crazy. Made some adjustments to a new steelie i picked up, so more of a test ride than anything. But mother nature is teasing us with some nice weather here in Canada. Spring soon???? (i know another storm is coming :s)

HotLap 03-03-21 08:29 PM

25 miles on my brand new MTB!!

ultrarider7 03-04-21 06:15 AM
First outdoor ride of 2021. 35 miles of ice patches, slop and it was still worth it!

Troul 03-04-21 04:40 PM

Wasn't paying much attention to the distance while on the trainer.
31 miles. About 6 more than planned.

OldTryGuy 03-04-21 10:13 PM

Had an errand to complete, pick up a piece of CF to repair a friend's bike, I decided to bike it instead of use car so finished with 71.17 miles today


Troul 03-05-21 04:55 AM

fresh new start, fresh new 25 miles in side the thunderhome.

Notso_fastLane 03-05-21 08:55 AM

Just running errands in the velomobile yesterday: 15 miles. It was actually comfortable at 45F.

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