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Paul Barnard 06-28-21 06:33 AM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22120668)
i'm sure it is great. Sadly, it may be one of those events I would never be able to participate in.

Other than it being in South MS, why wouldn't you be able to participate in it?

Troul 06-28-21 06:39 AM

equipment requirement conflict with attending.

Troul 06-29-21 01:31 AM

31 Miles O.D. Nice dry lightening storm after the monsoon we've had.

Troul 06-30-21 06:25 AM

30 Miles O.D.

rsbob 06-30-21 09:49 PM

40 miles, 2000 @ 18.3 MPH ave. Slowly getting stronger, credit goes to ZWIFT beating the crap out of me.

mschwett 06-30-21 09:51 PM

49 miles today. round trip to stinson beach from downtown SF. weather was... not cooperative, to say the list. windy AF and so misty/foggy in spots that my bars were actually wet, as if i was riding in the rain!

here are my stats and a strava heatmap since picking up a road e-Bike. a great three months.

kahn 06-30-21 10:37 PM

29 even and 1,300 gain.

Troul 07-01-21 12:58 AM

39 Miles O.D.

rsbob 07-02-21 08:07 PM

66 miles, 18 MPH ave, 2900 climbing which is ok for an old fart.

Troul 07-03-21 01:26 AM

34 Miles O.D. Yesterday.

Troul 07-03-21 02:48 PM

120 Miles O.D.

kahn 07-03-21 03:52 PM

21 day with 900 feet.

Only I can't see the last page of this thread. Apparently, something on the forum is broken.

Paul Barnard 07-03-21 07:04 PM

30 mile right through the heart of NOLA, the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. Got rained on.

Momokahn 07-03-21 07:18 PM

Did a Metric today plus one extra mile for good measures.

jaxgtr 07-03-21 09:54 PM

65 miles in the humidity and west wind.....but no rain, for what seems an eternity since we have not had rain.

kahn 07-04-21 07:52 AM

Anybody have a scheme to see the newest posts in this thread? I get "Page not found" if I try seeing any posts in the last page or two. I was wondering if someone quotes me, if that would link into the thread??? (g)

I did notice if I post, the thread info updates and shows my entry but I can't actually see it.

I know there are issues with the forum and the holiday weekend (USA) makes getting tech help more problematic.

Cycling879 07-04-21 01:35 PM

20 miles, and I made a friend.

Troul 07-04-21 01:40 PM

77 Miles O.D.

one4smoke 07-06-21 06:31 AM

33 miles yesterday. Gotta pick up my pace again or gonna get too far out of shape.

jamesdak 07-06-21 06:38 AM

Two rides to start the week. 52 miles on the Opus III testing out the new (old, 1981 tubulars) wheel/tire setup and then back out in the evening for a leisurely 11 miles on the Azor.

Troul 07-06-21 09:10 AM

30 Miles O.D. Yesterday.

jaxgtr 07-06-21 01:51 PM

47 on Sunday.

kahn 07-07-21 01:33 PM

About 35+ and 1,600+ elevation. Refreshingly cloudy with a stiff wind at time especially crossing the lake.

ofajen 07-08-21 05:16 PM

First, kudos to all the hard work our Parks and Rec folks have done to repair most of the damage that flooding streams did to our local trail system!

I did 27 miles today on a surprisingly cloudy and cool morning.


kahn 07-08-21 05:21 PM

23 miles and 1,200 gain.

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