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biker128pedal 05-22-22 06:59 PM

A hot 29.3 miles today. Hit 93 F. Took it easy to acclimate to the heat. No pictures but a lot of sweat.

Troul 05-23-22 08:49 AM

55 Miles. Rolled thru a Town thru a city thru a village.

A350driver 05-23-22 02:59 PM

50 miles this morning, hot and humid, jumped into the pool as soon as I put the bike away!

Digger Goreman 05-23-22 05:14 PM

42.6 miles last Saturday on an LBS, then Chocolate, run :giver:

Off work for the summer, so must make up for lack of commuting miles....

rsbob 05-23-22 07:18 PM

Originally Posted by Jedneck (Post 22515888)
62 miles and 4900ft of gain. Temp 85-90f and humid


Jedneck 05-23-22 07:21 PM

Originally Posted by rsbob;[url=tel:22517405

working up to a 100 miles and 10k ft of climb gravel ride.

diphthong 05-23-22 10:42 PM


kahn 05-24-22 07:35 AM

Yesterday, 15-16 and 700 feet. The usual urban loop to the water at Golden Gardens. Was going for my fhist hike in a while this morning in the foothills but I-5 is closed completely in my neighborhood meaning getting anywhere will be impossible.

delbiker1 05-24-22 07:43 AM

No ride today. Y'day was going to be a day off the bike/chore day. I got a lot done early, then it was so nice out I could not resist going out for a spin, especially seeing the forecast for today. It has been raining lightly since I got up this morning. It is good timing for a day off from pedaling. I tweaked my back a bit yesterday, so it is taking precedence over all else. Rest and ice packs are my long term therapy for when my back aches from over working it.

Daniel4 05-24-22 02:32 PM

My Garmin GPSMap says 48km, 3hr moving time, 1hr 36min stopped time.

My phone app gave me a total of 22.6km ( 16.8km, 2hr to downtown and 5.8 km 1hr45min return home).

I trust my Garmin GPSMap. My phone app seems wonky.

diphthong 05-24-22 10:34 PM

42-spot. some crazy dirt on a road bike with all too skinny tires. still, a blast in the mtns today.

Troul 05-25-22 05:33 AM

32 Miles, mostly yelling at the falsely forecasted headwinds.

kahn 05-25-22 08:15 AM

Originally Posted by Daniel4 (Post 22518459)
My Garmin GPSMap says 48km, 3hr moving time, 1hr 36min stopped time.

My phone app gave me a total of 22.6km ( 16.8km, 2hr to downtown and 5.8 km 1hr45min return home).

I trust my Garmin GPSMap. My phone app seems wonky.

I overkill the tracking. My little Specialized unit and my Garmin 1030+ are always within a few hundredths or tens of each other and similar results form Specialized app for the phone as well as Gaia gps. Elevation can be way off!

A350driver 05-25-22 09:55 PM

47 miles into a 50 mile ride, then double flatted in the last 3 miles! I hit something in the road with my rear tire, I never saw it but felt and heard it go ping when I hit it at about 20mph, then I heard the PSHhhhhssss of my rear tire going flat.

So I roll onto the grass, found a shade tree, and took it off. Pulled out my spare tube and air, fixed it, went on my way…and a half mile later it blew out again! The tube must have been pinched between the tire and rim. Sooo….I’m 3 miles from home, it’s friggn’ hot and I’m tired, and out of tubes and air….so I just rode it home at 7mph on a flat tire!

Yes, it sucked. Yes, trashed the tire, but I wasn’t going to walk 3 miles in my bike shoes in the hot Florida sun.

Got home, showered, went to the bike shop and bought new stuff and fixed it.

kahn 05-25-22 10:52 PM

Today's double loop encompassing two good rides for 26.5 or so miles and about 1,200-1,700 gain. First to Discovery Park (no pictures), on to Smith Cove and ships anchored, cruise ship Seabourn Odessey, back north to portage across the Ballard Locks, then on to Golden Gardens (beach) and up the switchbacks to Sunset Park. A grand urban adventure.

rsbob 05-26-22 12:02 PM

Snoqualmie - North Bend area of WA state

Troul 05-28-22 12:58 PM

Ride one: 58 miles; Ride two: 55 Miles. The weather was that good.

GhostRider62 05-28-22 02:54 PM

I only rode 21 miles, my allergies and asthma started to kill me after doing one of my best 5 minute power tests in maybe 6 years. Called it a day.

delbiker1 05-28-22 06:22 PM

A gorgeous, Delmarvalous morning here near Bethany Beach. I think the only way it might have been even a little better, is if it was a bit later before the wind picked up. It was not bad, but I certainly felt the last 6 miles straight into it. I got in 30 miles to put me at 650 for the month. I will hit 700 tomorrow or Monday, more than doubling the YTD going into the month, then a day or two off the bikes to freshen up for June.

Jedneck 05-29-22 11:09 AM
3rd metric in as many weeks. Puts me at 265miles for week and 13k ft of gain for week

RidingMatthew 05-29-22 11:56 AM

Not at all. I just switched my road bike from the trailer tire to road tire. I hope to get back out there and riding soon. Right after the end of school and family vacation!

Troul 05-29-22 02:07 PM

before participating in the memorial parade, bicycled a crunch-timed 45 miles. Tomorrow looks more betterier for mileage.

GhostRider62 05-29-22 02:35 PM

I did a shortish 33 miler with 1700 feet of climbing in just under 2 hours on a route that climbs then is flat and then climbs again. I hit six personal bests on climbs, must have been the NOS Sidi Genius 6.6 that I discovered in an old tote and put in service. My old Sidi 6.6 Megas finally bit the dust after 6-7 years, totally cracked soles (I walk all over the place in them) and broken/repaired straps. Can't be my fatness/fitness quotient on the PBs. Has to be the old NOS shoes I found and converted to my preferred midsole cleat position.

subgrade 05-29-22 11:40 PM

Did my first metric century this year. Wasn't bad, although the 36 km out of 101 on gravel took their toll on me, and had headwinds or crosswinds for more than a half of it. Still coming back after a year and a half of relative inactivity, but slowly getting there.

Troul 05-30-22 09:13 AM

100 miles before the humidity kicked up.

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