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rsbob 10-29-22 10:03 PM

Troul 10-30-22 10:51 AM

Did a 66 mile devils ride. The fog has been increasingly getting thiccc with each roll. At least the fog didn't create a sheet of ice on the eye pros this time.

biker128pedal 10-30-22 06:06 PM

A second nice day in the upper fifties. Road 35 miles to round out 100 for the weekend. For the rest of the week work gets in the way so a little trainer spinning while watching YouTube videos. Days are getting shorter.

wvucyclist 10-30-22 06:59 PM

A crisp 28 with 2800 feet of climbing. A bit of snow on the trails as well.

2manybikes 11-02-22 08:36 PM

About 30 miles with the dog in the trike,

Nosmo Trike 30 m. EBBP 11-2-22 | Flickr

rsbob 11-02-22 08:43 PM

A quick 20 miler. Was going for a longer ride until the hail started. Pictures from the sunny start.

Troul 11-03-22 05:49 AM

30 miles cutting through thicccccc fog.

rsbob 11-03-22 06:38 PM

28 miles 2000’+ climbing. It was a lovely day at 45* with light drizzle which turned into pouring rain. Kinda sucked except I am getting noticeably stronger out of the saddle climbs and for greater distances.

Got home drenched even with all my gear. No pictures - didn’t want to stop.

Troul 11-04-22 07:46 AM

31 miler. Weather app showed 50F, bicycle computer fact checked it & determined that was a lie [33F]

Troul 11-05-22 07:43 PM

58 miles, it felt like summer!

jaxgtr 11-05-22 09:00 PM

got in 35 today, weather was iffy at best, not cold, not hot, not really in the middle. It was just fricking humid, with spot showers, and flipping wind. The rain was really cold which was not appreciated, but then the sun would pop out and just roast the water off the road which increased the humidity. Since it has been pretty dry here lately, just made for some nasty grimy roads. I was not a fan of today's ride which is why I cut it short.

csport 11-06-22 12:17 AM

64 miles on Long Island, Bethpage bikeway and Jones beach bike path.

delbiker1 11-06-22 03:32 AM

I have really been struggling for the last 6 weeks or so, low left back and left hip. I have only been on a bike 3 times for short, easy rides. Yesterday, I felt good and it was a gorgeous day. I took my Smoothie out for a 12 mile easy paced ride and did ok. I am now 160 miles short of 5000 for '22. This morning, upon waking, I am in less wake up pain than I have had for those 6 weeks. I had been having a miserable first 2 hours of the day before the pain would ease off, with heat, ice, ibuprofen not much help in that time. Sticking with the PT and the previous mentioned treatments. I surely want to avoid another surgery on my back.

Troul 11-06-22 12:32 PM

55 miles & traffic was pretty calm, unlike the wind.

biker128pedal 11-06-22 05:00 PM

35.5 miles today after a24 mile gravel ride yesterday. Today warmer in the mid seventies. I thin I had a tail wind for 3/4 of the ride. It going to cool off after this weekend so more mountain biking. Trying to decide between a Top Fuel 8 or 9.7. Then the Fuel EX 8 Gen 5 climbs well.

Fall harvest time. Soybeans.

rsbob 11-06-22 09:28 PM

Quick ride today. 17 miles and 1500 climbing. For some unknown reason, climbing really kicked in and was almost effortless. Claimed two fastest segments for my age group on two climbs.
Mt Si on ice
Cascade Mountians
No go road

It was a good day - but chilly - 45*

rsbob 11-08-22 06:56 PM

27 Miles with 2000’ cloudy and low 40s

Troul 11-10-22 10:47 PM

102 miles.

Troul 11-11-22 09:21 AM

77 miles, cut it before the temps dropped any further & before the sudden rain blew in...

rsbob 11-11-22 02:40 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22707429)
102 miles.

You slacker!

zaje 11-11-22 04:35 PM

60km in total evening darkness.

XxHaimBondxX 11-11-22 05:16 PM

Did 20 miles round trip this morning before Nicole moved in. A couple of steep inclines I thought my heart is going to pop.

Troul 11-11-22 06:51 PM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 22708083)
You slacker!

it was one of those days :D

RCMoeur 11-11-22 07:01 PM

Only 17 miles today... but with 2,000 feet of climbing and descending. Ever since Yarnell Hill tried to kill me on a June day in 1994 (heatstroke, schmeatstroke), I've returned on cooler days to test myself against the steady 7% grade and twisty descent (hello, Mr. Elephannnnttt!") And I think I did OK today.

rsbob 11-11-22 10:11 PM

Never pedaled so hard to go so few miles.

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