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Hmmm 10-14-20 02:23 AM

Hill Repeats For CX Training?
Let me start with this. Where I race cyclocross there are two divisions. I am very much so at the back in the lower division, the front of the race is very fast. I don't race often as I don't have lots of time on the weekends, but I really really love racing and will do it when I can.

In the past for training I've tried 2x20's and while I have a great flat loop to do them, I have a hard time mentally getting through the workout. I'm not great at the mental aspect of training when it comes to riding on flat terrain. I do however enjoy hill repeats. I could do them until my legs fall off. I have one hill that is about an 8-10 minute effort as well as a very short steep hill that is about a 1 minute effort that are accessible to me.

Question is, could I use these hill repeats in place of something like a 2x20? How effective would these hill repeats be to me for a CX race? I also assume it is best to do most of the efforts seated. I was lucky enough that the last race I did allowed me to stand on the steep climb gripping on roots and grass. I realize this is not always the case.

Any advice is appreciated.


hubcyclist 10-16-20 09:37 AM

I would say hills would be more effective training for CX than 2x20's Since CX races aren't steady efforts,when you get to training specificity you want to do stuff like 15/15's, 30/30's (short really hard effort, shorter less hard effort) to mimic the type of demands of a CX race.

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