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808HIcycler 10-18-20 05:47 AM

42.7 today. Dehydration is a real *****.

one4smoke 10-18-20 07:11 AM

A measly 14 mi while out to lunch...:rolleyes:

Troul 10-18-20 12:12 PM

40 with most of it backed by 12 mph wind.

Danjohnsonson 10-19-20 07:27 PM

Baby's first metric centrury today.

rsbob 10-19-20 11:24 PM

Squeezed in 16.5 between rain showers. Zero gain but managed 19.65 Ave speed.

SVTNate 10-20-20 12:05 AM

Zero, I ran a 10K after work.

Actually, more than that, by about half a mile. Zero water, zero preparation other than drinking 8-ish ounces of water before I left the house, and eating a fried chicken tender out of the fridge. I had a chicken salad and an avocado for lunch, about 5-6 hours earlier.

Still PR'ed it

DennySporter 10-20-20 04:01 AM

I drove 5 km in the morning)

Thomas15 10-20-20 05:14 AM

Last week, finished with a total of 175 miles, 10,500 feet of ascent. My longest ride was only 34 miles.
The week prior was 150 miles, week before that 170 miles. Having a good month.

Troul 10-20-20 02:19 PM

27 miles before the eyes glazed over from looking at the window leading outside.

rsbob 10-20-20 07:51 PM

20 miles at 19.65 MPH climbed 450’

Troul 10-20-20 07:58 PM

round #2 ; the struggle was real, real fun doing a second ride hovering the rear wheel over the frame of the trainer base while achieving 28 miles before the midnight oil all burnt up.

gios 10-23-20 10:58 AM

22.3 miles this morning.

GeneO 10-23-20 02:48 PM

I haven't rode in over a month - I got burned out on the same routes. Only 20. Windy fall day today. But it didn't rain like it was supposed to and it was warmer than expected - 77F

Had some cager going the opposite direction stick his head out the window and yell at me "get on the bike path". This is a bike friendly city too, guess you can't stop aholes from driving through.

Troul 10-23-20 08:19 PM

135 miles

one4smoke 10-24-20 06:53 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 21757612)
135 miles

Good one! :thumb: ...Personal best?

one4smoke 10-24-20 06:54 PM

Originally Posted by gios (Post 21756706)
22.3 miles this morning.

You be liking 22 mile rides, I'd say! ;)

Troul 10-24-20 07:14 PM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 21758809)
Good one! :thumb: ...Personal best?

It is for the weather conditions that it was in, but ultimately, no & I am ok with that lol

808HIcycler 10-24-20 09:06 PM

First 100K today. 63.2 miles.

Troul 10-25-20 05:32 PM

33 miles.... I told myself that today was a rest day. Worth every mile going against my own self set limitations.

DudeManBro 10-26-20 08:23 PM

about 7 miles

diphthong 10-26-20 08:51 PM

local 18-spot to loosen up the tight back from last week's mountain (mis)adventure...just in time for another questionable route choice and related activity.

rsbob 10-26-20 09:26 PM

29 @ 18 Ave. was going to take it easy as a rest day, but had to speed home to rescue Mrs RSBob from two large dogs blocking her path while she was out for a walk.

Troul 10-27-20 10:03 AM

25.5 miles in the 67F on the trainer.

one4smoke 10-27-20 08:38 PM

A little over 15 miles today while on lunch break.

Troul 10-27-20 09:35 PM

just did a 2nd seg of 20 in-doors for a nightcap.

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