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Smokinjoe263 09-24-21 06:29 AM

Is my bike a Haro or not?
I was told my bike is a Haro, but I'm not positive. How do I know exactly what I have? The numbers on the bottom of frame are F1F2K9FQ008001

cb400bill 09-24-21 06:53 AM

Is it a BMX bike?

Smokinjoe263 09-24-21 07:10 AM

Originally Posted by cb400bill (Post 22243767)
Is it a BMX bike?

yes it's a 20 inch bmx and there are no other markings as far as badge plates or anything like that. Just serial number on the bottom of frame.

cb400bill 09-24-21 09:25 AM

Thread moved from Introductions to BMX.

Smokinjoe263 09-24-21 12:39 PM

Anything yet?

Viich 09-24-21 01:30 PM

Originally Posted by Smokinjoe263 (Post 22244193)
Anything yet?

Not too much. I don't think that fits Haro serial number format perfectly. Only think it MIGHT be is a Haro F2 with that serial number, I think.

Depending on the bike, might be able to tell what it is with a picture.

cb400bill 09-24-21 01:37 PM

No reason not to publish the serial number.

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