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Tomm Willians 10-27-21 02:16 PM

Not quite Northern California but close!
Good day all !

Iím looking at a potential route for a 200k and think I found one with some promise. Itís located in Northern Nevada being from Silver Springs to Fallon to Shurz to Yerington back to Silver Springs. This is a 121 mile route by my calculations so just a few additional miles and itís a 200k. I would be riding on US50 and Hwy97 which according to a Reno bike shop is legal.
Iím somewhat familiar with this route but itís been years since Iíve driven it, any knowledge to share here ?

Korina 10-29-21 07:33 PM

I don't know if this will help, but it certainly can't hurt. Nevada County rides.

LesterOfPuppets 10-29-21 07:35 PM

It will probably be windy. Plan accordingly.

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