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bike_tom 12-30-18 03:16 PM

Hello and Happy New Year
Hi all. I've been following some threads on this forum for a while, so I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself. I ride recreationally, mostly on rail trails. My most common ride is on the Minuteman out to Bedford, MA. About half the time I continue on the Reformatory trail out to Concord. (sidenote: I have mixed feelings about Bedford's plan to pave their section of the Reformatory, as it is the most accessible dirt trail for me.) My wife and I also did the Bruce Freeman a few times this past year and enjoyed it. I've got an 80's vintage Fuji road bike I bought new, and also a hardtail MTB I got a few years ago. In addition to riding, I enjoy doing my own maintenance. Once I have enough posts to attach pictures, I look forward to contributing to the MetroBoston Good Ride Today thread - think I have chatted with some forum members while on rides.

StanSeven 12-30-18 08:08 PM

Welcome. I also like riding a hard tail in addition to road.

Trsnrtr 12-31-18 06:45 AM

Welcome. Thanks for the intro.

bike_tom 01-01-19 01:28 PM

Hi StanSeven and Trsnrtr, thanks for your welcoming replies.

I just wanted to add that although I have done some biking my whole adult life, I have gotten much more into it the past few years.
Getting my hardtail a few years ago certainly got me riding trails I would not have ridden before, but now I also ride my road bike much more than I used to.
Its also contagious, as it inspired my wife to get a new bike, and now she rides much more than before.
And that's all good!

LAJ 01-01-19 08:27 PM

Happy New Year! It really is all good. Welcome to Bike Forums, bike tom!

Dannihilator 01-02-19 12:17 AM

Welcome to the forums.

Oli_Aponte 01-04-19 12:02 PM

Happy new year

sephil 01-10-19 02:12 AM

welcome and happy new year

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