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Racer3840 02-18-19 10:25 AM

New Member
Good morning everyone, I just registered but have been reading this forum for several years. I have biked on and off over the years and have an early 1970 Concord 10 speed that I bought brand new and still enjoy. Also been riding a Trek Shift for the past 4 years, been a great bike. I had been considering purchasing an e-bike for the past six months. After extensive research I pulled the trigger last week and bought a Trek Super Commuter 8+. I have only ridden it about 60 miles and it seems to be an absolutely amazing bike. I will acknowledge that its on the pricey side. But I was interested in a brand name with dealer availability that will stand behind the product if needed. Plus I have ridden several Trek products over the years and they have been virtually flawless. I am amazed at the depth of knowledge with the users of this website. I you want to know something bike related, it sure seems to be on this website. Happy and safe cycling to all!!

bike_tom 02-18-19 12:26 PM

Welcome! I too joined recently after following the forum for a few years.
Getting a new bike definitely gets one to ride more, not matter how much one loves a trusty old companion.


Racer3840 02-18-19 06:50 PM


cb400bill 02-18-19 08:50 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Congrats on the new bike!

Trsnrtr 02-19-19 06:20 AM

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

sjt 02-19-19 07:57 AM

I remember when I rode an ebike for the first time - those things are a blast!

LAJ 02-20-19 08:56 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Racer3840!

StanSeven 02-20-19 11:30 AM

Welcome. I see you ready found your way around here. Glad you joined in.

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