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IZadistic 11-24-21 09:20 PM

I deleted everything from my garmin Edge 1000
Hello guys, I need help if someone have the base and main files from the Garmin Edge 1000, I was freeing up space and by a noob mistake I deleted everything ... I can't even do anything by resetting the factory.

unterhausen 11-24-21 10:26 PM

welcome to the forum. I think if you update the device that garmin will download the maps again. You can also get them from openfeits

njkayaker 11-25-21 07:27 AM

Try asking this question on the Garmin forums.

I might be able to help but it would be next week

Trsnrtr 11-25-21 07:46 AM

I agree with Unterhausen. If you connect to the Garmin Express updater app. i would think it should fix it.

Iride01 11-25-21 11:22 AM

Call Garmin Support. If you are in North America, then if the call center has long hold times the VRU will ask you if you want to leave a call back number and they will call you back in the order that your current call is in the queue. I've done that for the last 3 or 4 times I've called Garmin and usually I get a call back in less than 40 minutes.

If you didn't have special software tools that let you get into the hidden partition, then I think you are still good. Might just need to manually place an update file on it.

You have turned it off and on haven't you?

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