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Zurfer1 06-05-21 09:03 AM

Eric S.
I have joined this group in search of help. I have purchased the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and have experienced many problems resulting in its replacement 2 times. The 3rd on stopped working on the first attempt to charge, where the screen will light up, sometimes yellow lights flash, sometimes just one green light momentarily goes on. I have resolved not to get a 4th one. I have tried to rule out user error by resorting to the limited user guide an look for answers online but have no apparent way to resolve the current computer failure. I am not certain what to do, except perhaps change manufacturer and start over again. Reviews online are good for the Bolt, is my situation unique? Any input appreciated.

10 Wheels 06-05-21 01:38 PM

Return it to where you bought it.

Zurfer1 06-06-21 08:43 AM

Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 22089388)
Return it to where you bought it.

I feel foolish returning the same product for a 3rd time asking for a 4th replacement. Wahoo is offering a free upgrade to the Roam, which after suggestion by a friend, I decided to accept. I have gotten really angry over the repeated failures of the product but will try one last time and then if any further problems switch to Garmin. Thank you for your input.

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