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Pulse_ 06-12-21 04:02 AM

New in road cycling :)

just beginning road cycling as a 37 year old. I've been mainly rocking mountain bikes to this day and I'm in the market for a 1st road bike, just to try it out. In all honesty I'm mainly here to get some help to choose the correct sizing for my future bike. The process has been quite confusing and no shops around carry the bike I'm interested in.. so I orderded the bike in two sizes (XL and XXL). Now I have to choose one :P

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience :)

cb400bill 06-12-21 05:00 AM

Welcome! What bike did you order?

Pulse_ 06-12-21 05:34 AM

Originally Posted by cb400bill (Post 22098714)
Welcome! What bike did you order?

Hi :) a TREK Domane AL2 in 60cm (blue/chrome) and 62cm (black/gold). It's the entry level bike from TREK but I think it looks awesome! Iit's relatively light for a beginner bike too at 9.5kg. Another world in comparison with my mtb (Vitus Sentier 290VR).

cb400bill 06-12-21 05:45 AM

Nice! Over the years I've had a few Trek bikes and recently picked up a Checkpoint ALR gravel bike.

ihavehalfalung 06-12-21 05:54 PM


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