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ghcoe 06-14-21 03:59 PM

Teardrop, Caravan, Camper builder checking in here
Hello! George. Here,
I have been building small camper/teardrop trailers out of foam for a few years now. My niche market is small, low powered vehicles that have little to no towing capacity. My 4x8 and 5x8 trailers usually come in just slightly under 400lbs.

In the process of selling one of my trailers last fall I was approached by a couple who asked if I could build a camp type trailer to be towed behind their e-bikes. They informed me that in Europe there are a few builders, but no sources (as of yet) here in the states. In doing some research into design I found this forum and tried to help a person that was in the process of building one himself, but I was a bit too late since he had already finished his build.

So here I am ready to dive into a bicycle trailer build since I just finished my last clients teardrop build. I am quite excited about this next adventure since I have found there really is not set design/build type for the bicycle community (besides coroplast) at this time. I was a pioneer of the foamie trailer builds when they started about 12 years so I hope to be of help to this community as well.

I found there really is not a forum here for trailer builds (bike accessories?) so I will just have to place a thread in the most likely place which seems to be Touring. If you are Touring you might want a trailer to take along.


Rage 06-16-21 12:39 AM

Howdy, George! Welcome to the forums.
Looking forward to pics of your work.

ghcoe 06-16-21 04:45 PM

Originally Posted by Rage (Post 22104147)
Howdy, George! Welcome to the forums.
Looking forward to pics of your work.

Thanks! I will have to wait till I have a few more post before I can post pictures.

ghcoe 07-09-21 09:01 PM

The build has started. You can check it out here Bike Caravan/Camp Trailer for Touring? Build #5 - Bike Forums . Thanks! George.

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