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Drearocks 06-16-21 06:23 AM

Hello! New Memeber
Hey folks!

New member here, thanks for having me! A bit about me... I'm 42 and looking to get back into commuting on my bike. I used to live in Boston, MA and rode my bike all over that city! So much fun!!! I started on an older cruiser loaned from a friend, and transitioned to my current bike. I got a specialized allez elite 2004. I LOVE that bike. It's so smooth and fast! Nothing feels better than having that wind in your face, am I right?!?

Well, to transition to now, I currently live in a suburb of Raleigh, NC. Not the bike friendliest, and the roads are rough. Pot holes, bad drivers, narrow roads, lots of steep hills. I am thinking about picking up a vintage steel frame. I think it would handle the roads and I could put my groceries on it. I don't want to do that to my Specialized.

Anyways, If you have any suggestions on what I should look for, I would appreciate it. Also, for a good rear rack....?

Tell me about you, and what you ride! Look forward to meeting some more bike enthusiasts! :)


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