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Charles Jalguna 06-16-21 11:00 PM

Santa Cruz CA enthusiast of all old things
While I appreciate a well made and well seasoned road bike, I also have a few classic cruisers, a handful of advent era mountain bikes and some other older but nicer two wheeled things parked in the garage. I joined this group to learn more about the finer, thinner things in the fold. Nice to be here.

delbiker1 06-17-21 06:25 AM

Welcome to BF Charles. Sounds like an interesting collection of 2 wheeled vehicles. Over the course of the past 6 years, I have learned a whole about bikes and bike mechanics. I have purchased tools and now do all the work on my bikes. I went from 2 bikes to 8 bikes. I have also collected quite a few parts that I will likely never use. Spending the money on bikes is a lot better than where a lot of my funds used to go. BikeForums members, in general, are informative and quite helpful. Keep in mind, like any online forum, there is quite a bit of misinformation, not intended for the most part. and opinion stated as fact, I have certainly posted my fair share of that.

a.bandini 06-18-21 08:23 PM

Welcome! You are in the right place to learn. Enjoy

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