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Sianelle 11-23-07 04:01 PM

Post your pictures here.
This is a thread where you can show off your favourite pictures of your ride. I'll start the ball rolling with my own electric assisted Hercules tricycle.

2005 Indian Hercules ladies roadster converted to a tricycle and fitted with a Motrax 250watt 24volt hub motor kit.

jerryt 11-23-07 08:21 PM

Nice ride Sianelle, a really handsome and classic looking bike. I've heard of Hercules but never seen one. Is it native to NZ or Aus.? I'll try to post mine but have to reduce size.

jerryt 11-23-07 09:06 PM

Worksman Porteur Poseur
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This is my "Porteur Poseur", a Worksman Industrial heavy duty which I chose because of my Clydesdale size. I use it for grocery shopping and other errands. Great fun!

Abneycat 11-23-07 10:01 PM

Sianelle, that trike is really classy looking. I love the bike in general, let alone the brooks and the touring bag. The motor being in the rear wheel is new to me, as most of the trikes i've seen are powered via front wheel.

Looks great though. I've not got much to show in the way of pictures as mine is disassembled due to winter and having a fairly worn out battery. Planning on doing a rebuild next year.
Oh, I am doing some restoration projects on some vintage bikes though, if anyone wants pictures of those. Peugeot PX-10 and a McKinley Aventurier. Whats a McKinley? I dunno.

Sianelle 11-23-07 11:29 PM

Hey I like your bike jerryt, it's a really nice solid practical bicycle. How does it run with the 600watt hub? - I bet it can fair haul.

Abneycat, my first trike, - a converted Raleigh, - had the hub motor wheel on the front, but I found after a fair bit of use that a utility trike works best if the push is where the load is. When I built up the Hercules I put the hub wheel at the back and I must say that it's a big improvement. The pedals on my trike only drive the left rear wheel, so having the motor on the right balances things out nicely. The left rear wheel is fitted with a Sachs 'Duomatic' hub and it's been really great and absolutely reliable.
'Hercules' was an English bicycle maker that ultimately was swallowed up by Raleigh. This Hercules of mine was built in India in 2005 and is just about an exact copy of my 1953 English Hercules ladies roadster bicycle. It's history is that it was purchased in India and used for touring around that country and then brought back to New Zealand whereupon it was offered for sale and I bought it with much glee.

jerryt 11-24-07 11:06 AM

I'm curious Sianelle, regarding the left rear wheel skirt. What is its purpose?

Sianelle 11-24-07 03:53 PM

Originally Posted by jerryt (Post 5684626)
I'm curious Sianelle, regarding the left rear wheel skirt. What is its purpose?

It's for muddy country roads when I'm pushing my tricycle from the left hand side jerryt. Until I fitted that rear wheel skirt to the mudguard I would get muddy stripes up my pants leg or on my skirt and stockings. I was very pleased with how that guard turned out actually since I made it myself and shaped it up with a tinman's hammer and an old shoe last for an anvil.

dcb 11-25-07 01:52 PM

Sianelle, that bike is wild :) There's a lot going on there.

jerryt, that looks real comfortable.

As soon as I get it going I'll put a pic up of my electric contraption. Most of the bits have been sorted, but need to find another 20" freewheel first.

Zeuser 11-27-07 01:08 PM

My "transformer" Bionx powered eBike:

In pure pedal only form

And 2 minutes after (swapping the wheels and adding the battery)

The dashboard:

Magellan GPS, 10W BLT light, Water bottle, Bionx console (speedo, odometer etc.)

Mom's bike PL350 Bionx in a bag instead of the plastic battery case:

My old eBike, a Strong GT-s210:

Yamaha's Racer-01 assist racer. My "Unicorn" :

jerryt 11-27-07 02:19 PM

Very nice Zeuser. I'm not familiar with disc brakes. Does the brake stay on the frame when you swap wheels?

Zeuser 11-27-07 02:54 PM

Originally Posted by jerryt (Post 5701861)
Very nice Zeuser. I'm not familiar with disc brakes. Does the brake stay on the frame when you swap wheels?

Disc brakes have the brake caliper bolted to the front fork or the frame (rear) and the discs are bolted to the wheels.

Bionx hub motors have the mounting points for disc brakes built-in. So the bionx rear hub wheel can work with conventional brakes or disc barkes.

In my case my "Transformer" has 4 wheels total.
- Front wheel with disc and off-road tire
- Rear wheel with disc, casette type gears and off-road tire (matches tire of above)
- Front wheel with disc and on-road tire
- Bionx hub wheel for the rear with 7 gears and disc and on-road tire (matches tire of above)

You can rear more about it in my "Bionx Transformer" thread

Abneycat 11-27-07 03:19 PM

How about dream machines? I'll post some pictures of my own whenever I find the camera, for now, here's what i'd love to be riding someday:

That my friends, is the greatest bike i've ever seen. Surly frame (looks like an instigator), quality components, stokemonkey and xtracycle. Ready to handle the trail, the city, and those 12 cases of beer you need to drag along for your next party.

Oh, some different tires for riding in the city too, of course.

Sianelle 11-27-07 04:12 PM

I don't think anybody is going to complain about seeing pictures of dream machines Abneycat :)
That is a really nice setup on that Surly and I'm sure you're not the only one who is wishing it was theirs.

SoreAss 11-27-07 06:14 PM

Schwinn Jag with a BD-36 kit.

Allen 11-27-07 06:35 PM

Mine have been seen a thousand times before.
Started out like this:

Phase two:


And what I bought for my father:

The7 11-27-07 09:39 PM

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The picture shows my ebike when it was tested with temperary 48V battery.
Later new two 12V 12Ah batteries are put inside the red bag as permenant setup. .

The7 11-27-07 09:54 PM

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My ebike now!

See my previous post:

Sianelle 11-28-07 12:50 AM

Well I hadn't seen your bike before AllenG so I was really pleased to see your pictures.

That's a really nice rig you've got there - I like the sidecar :D

Pajaro 11-28-07 12:56 AM

These e-bikes are sweet, they would make for a dream commute when a little more speed is needed and/or mandated.

cerewa 11-28-07 08:21 PM

Putting an electric motor on my bike has almost turned it in to my dream bike. (of course, I'm always dreaming about improvements-- I'd love to replace it with a weatherproof velomobile and get a more powerful motor some day... and add more "plug in and go" convenience).

Things I like: the tires are flat-resistant due to their sheer tread thickness. The no-suspension MTB frame and rims are durable. The storage compartment is waterproof, making the bike more practical in bad weather. The bike's pretty light for an electric bike due to the lithium battery and relatively compact motor. The narrow curved handlebars help me avoid wrist and back discomfort. The seat has had its padding torn off and is now much more comfy.

It's ugly as sin, hopefully won't get stolen.

jerryt 11-28-07 10:12 PM

Cerewa is that a Cyclone motor? 350W ?
Lithium is nice but has become real pricey for me. Have you ever had SLA for comparison?

reckon 11-29-07 11:30 AM

Here's mine
1 Attachment(s)
I ride this nearly everyday to work, and back, a GT lts-3 with the BD-36 kit

still has the SLA battery pack, but I will switch to a Li-CoPoly battery pack as soon as this one starts aging.

glad to see there are others out there

ride safe and aware

cerewa 11-29-07 12:14 PM

Lithium is nice but has become real pricey for me. Have you ever had SLA for comparison?
I decided to go with lithium iron phosphate because it's actually very cheap on a per-mile basis. This is because you don't need as many amp-hours*volts to go the same number of miles, plus lithium iron packs tend to last for over 1000 charge cycles, while lead acid lasts for a few hundred. I've never had another ebike battery. but for my use, SLA is a poor choice-- I live 17 miles from work and have to carry the bike up some stairs to park it. I feel like I got a good deal because I bought from for $330 and got a battery which I think will last 2 years in heavy use. (1000 cycles, 17 miles per cycle, 2 cycles per work day, which is about 1 cent per mile). If it only lasts 1 year I won't cry too hard as that will be 2 cents per mile in battery cost. With a lot of luck, it could last 5 years/2500 cycles!

The motor is from cyclone and it's the 500w kit. Great kit if you want power on steep hills and on flatter ground.

tidykiwi 11-30-07 06:27 PM

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my bike with 36v 500w golden motors front hub from motrax NZ. does 30-35kph with about a 25k range not pedaling. 3 x 12v 10ah sla batteries. i'm saving up for lithium.....

blippo 12-01-07 08:23 AM

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This is one of my electric bikes I have. I had this Motiv bike for a few years. I put a Wilderness BL-36 kit on it. I'm very satisfied with the results.

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