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BirdsBikeBinocs 09-02-18 08:17 PM

I'm going to cheat here to improve my number.... I've averaged 10.5 miles a day for the past 4 days. On the 40lb. beast.

one4smoke 09-04-18 10:07 PM

Originally Posted by OldTryGuy (Post 20541338)
I had hoped to start today's ride at 12:01AM but neglected to set my phone alarm and as a result I began at 12:51AM. Not a bad night at all being a little cooler than expected at 77F and a Waning Gibbous moon at 68% visibility. The ride was progressing nicely when at just 1hr 5minutes 45seconds into the ride and 17.25 miles completed I executed a 10 score-right side TOMBAY. The 2018 Roubaix Expert was properly protected as I employed a text book impact maneuver landing on my less than 2 year old completely new right shoulder and the 68yo right hip with an added bump on the helmet AND even managed to remain clipped in with my left foot all to the amusement of a early morning driver. After a few moments of looking like a fish out of water I unclipped, got up, reset the chain and was off to complete the additional 107.26 miles for a 125.51 mile total.

Will see how the shoulder feels in the next few days and if need be I will see the ortho a bit earlier than my October 10th, 2 year check-up.

Glad it wasn't too serious, and you were able to continue on. Hope the shoulder was okay. :thumb:

NoWhammies 09-05-18 09:15 AM

Squeezed in 50k after work yesterday. Flat ride for the most part, just trying to make the most of the remaining light.

Troul 09-05-18 12:01 PM

33 miles.

How did the states adopt the use of "k" when referring to a marathon or when using it in a fitness discussion involving distances?

tartandtangy 09-06-18 12:41 PM

Just started biking seriously. My commute today is a total of 15 miles!

Raphael9 09-07-18 06:43 PM

Rode 21 miles today.
The cycling plan is completed this week and will go to the cinema on weekends.

Flip Flop Rider 09-07-18 07:10 PM

26 miles after work

one4smoke 09-07-18 07:44 PM

Originally Posted by tartandtangy (Post 20550746)
Just started biking seriously. My commute today is a total of 15 miles!

Way to go, keep it up! :thumb:

In my opinion (and lots of others too) there's nothing better for the body, mind and soul. Earthly, that is. Everything about it is rewarding and just plain FUN!

JerryBerry 09-08-18 03:01 AM

Today 50km in 2.5 hrs :)

JerryBerry 09-08-18 03:02 AM

Oops that is about 31 miles for those that arnt too familiar with KM

Troul 09-08-18 07:29 AM

Originally Posted by JerryBerry (Post 20553787)
Today 50km in 2.5 hrs :)

13.2 mph averaged speed?

OldTryGuy 09-08-18 02:58 PM

No early morning riding so I just showed up for the Saturday LBS ride. Hung on for a bit then got chewed up and spit out like some dip. Managed to finish with 73 miles. Just couldn't convince my legs to pedal for 2 more miles. :(

JerryBerry 09-09-18 04:20 AM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 20553954)
13.2 mph averaged speed?

Actually i was being modest it was more like 50 in 2 hrs and it was more a sightseeing ride ;)

Dirt Farmer 09-09-18 03:20 PM

40 miles, of which two I accidentally joined part of the Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon event :giver:

Chef Joe 09-09-18 06:56 PM

Originally Posted by DrIsotope (Post 20541768)
The Metrolink (commuter trains) have Bike Cars that will hold ~20 bikes. When I first got on, there were around 15 bikes on there. By the time we made it to the end of the line, it was me and one other guy.

A $10 pass lets you ride as much as you want over the weekend-- so I wasn't even the worst smelling person on there. I think. :D

Where are you riding from?

DrIsotope 09-09-18 07:56 PM

Originally Posted by Chef Joe (Post 20556284)
Where are you riding from?

I was doing Highland to San Clemente via the SART and PCH, and somehow got there waaaaayyyy too fast-- I got to the Metrolink station almost 2 hours before my train. I had a wood screw sticking out of my back tire, and rather than sitting around, I took the train into LA Union Station and transferred to the San Bernardino train. So I spent 5 hours on the bike and 4 hours on the train. :roflmao:

Doctor Morbius 09-12-18 12:35 PM

15 easy miles today. First ride in 10 days. Didn't push it as I've had troubles with depression and screwed up sleep patterns. Thanks sleep apnea. Thanks a lot.

one4smoke 09-12-18 03:18 PM

Finally! First day back on my bike since July 30, due to the pneumonia. Wasn't sure what to expect, but was shooting for at least 20 miles. Decided I'd just pace myself and see how it went. Started off a little slow, but felt better the longer I rode. Lungs were better than expected, but got a bit winded on some climbs I usually don't.

Overall, it went better than I thought. Ended up with 33 miles @ 15.1, which isn't my usual of 16-17, but I was pleased with it. Really expected something in the 13 to 14 range.

Glad to be back! The last almost 6 weeks has been hell, not being able to ride. At least I had the Vuelta to watch to give me some cycling fix in the meantime. ;)

Doctor Morbius 09-13-18 07:33 AM

15 miles again today. I was less than 1 mile into my ride when some ****wit from my neighborhood decides to back out of their driveway right in front of me. Had I been going a little faster it would have been messy.

NoWhammies 09-13-18 09:51 AM

Short jaunt after work. 70k with 1,081m of elevation.

Troul 09-14-18 04:03 PM

39 miles & for some reason, it was with a nice 18mph average. Cannot understand why as city riding is not that great for maintaining speeds. No change in riding habits.

diphthong 09-15-18 12:28 AM

103 miles up from metro san diego to oceanside pier and back with some noodling about here and there. felt pretty good during the last 40 miles and ended up setting a personal best on the torrey pines 1.6 mile climb at 5%.

Doctor Morbius 09-15-18 01:09 AM

Took one of my road bikes out for 10 miles today. Hadn't ridden either of my road bikes all year. It was fun!

one4smoke 09-15-18 07:23 AM

Originally Posted by ooga-booga (Post 20566954)
103 miles up from metro san diego to oceanside pier and back with some noodling about here and there. felt pretty good during the last 40 miles and ended up setting a personal best on the torrey pines 1.6 mile climb at 5%.

Great ride! :thumb:

diphthong 09-15-18 08:57 AM

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 20567185)
Great ride! :thumb:

thanks. someone’s on vacation...😚

Doctor Morbius 09-15-18 10:31 AM

23 easy miles today. Nice weather and it's not going to last.

jefnvk 09-15-18 05:38 PM

30 miles on the fatty for the wonderfully packed Tour De Troit!

Greg C. 09-15-18 06:29 PM

Looks like a fun event jefnvk. Cool bike!

Doctor Morbius 09-16-18 01:28 PM

15 miles at a moderate pace today. This makes 75 miles in 5 consecutive days.

Troul 09-16-18 02:11 PM

44.4 miles & what a great day it was!

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