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Bob Dopolina 08-02-21 09:44 PM

Carbon 50mm Road Disc Clincher Rims
Well...this place is a bit of a ghost town.

We were just contacted by one of our vendors. They have some surplus rims they need to dump. These were made for OE customers and they have too many.

The rims are 50mm carbon clinchers disc brake rims with 20mm internal width. They are 24/24 HOLE ONLY. They are front and rear-specific (because of the drilling angles) which means they are sold only as a pair.

Weight: 475g +/- 15g.

Pricing is $260.00USD plus $60.00USD shipping to most places. Anything else in the box ships for free (like hubs/spokes/nipples).

Payment would be through PayPal and the BDop system.

Warranty is 2 years from purchase (since they are close-out).

We are writing the order 10 Aug 2021 so all payments need to be received before then.

Bob Dopolina 08-11-21 02:37 AM


bikingnerdy 07-07-22 08:37 PM

I would be interested in who the brand designer.

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