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sean.hwy 06-21-22 06:49 PM

how fast do your ride your bmx bike?
I came across a guy today doing over 15 mph+ and we was doing it for a while. I saw him a few times on the MUP. I guess he must have rode 20+ miles with a full face motorcycle helmet on and the glass was down! Color me impressed. It was about 100 today. No way could I do that. I don't know how the guy could breath. I thinking he must be a racer. right??

small video on strava

Furyus 06-21-22 06:59 PM

Seated? Foot placement on the pedals looks inefficient and uncomfortable, yet I’ll admit I couldn’t do 20 miles on my BMX unless my life depended on it, and even then (but I’m 60 years old). The helmet, too, on a hot NorCal day. Sounds pretty grueling. Wonder if it helps his game or if he spends it all training.

sean.hwy 06-21-22 09:57 PM

I did some strava math. Looks like he went a little over 16 miles assuming he went all the way to the end. I just happen to see where he started because he popped in from a parking lot when I passed him.

I saw him around 9.3 miles. It's 17.69 to the end so he did 8.4 miles ish one way assuming he went to the end.

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