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seedsbelize2 12-02-21 09:13 PM

Huh. Multi quote rears its ugly head.

seedsbelize2 12-02-21 09:17 PM
What could possibly go wrong?

LesterOfPuppets 12-02-21 09:20 PM

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22327271)

They hauling giraffes?

gnome 12-03-21 03:18 AM

got my hands on a book about locally made bikes. Right from 1869 to the present. We had quite the bike building industry.

indyfabz 12-03-21 04:38 AM

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22327267)
When European touring cyclists come through, I'm always embarassed at my lack of knowledge of European geography. Where is Germany?

That large 56.4.

ls01 12-03-21 04:52 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22325518)
If a truck can manage with three speeds, a cyclist should be just fine with "only" ten.


ls01 12-03-21 04:58 AM

Originally Posted by genejockey (Post 22325612)
Love the proximity of the headers to the rider's nethers.

when a v8 isn't enough power for your motorcycle.... add a blower to it!
"I needs all the horsepowers!"

ls01 12-03-21 05:04 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22325644)
What I'm getting at is that I assumed one would at least have to be a doctor or member of the association--the kind of person less likely to sabotage their reputation by publishing utter junk.

Would depend on who's and or what narrative is being pushed. Even facts become fungible and maliable when enough money is on the table.

ls01 12-03-21 05:05 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22325652)
After weeks rjones28 finally replied to one of my posts. :bday:

someone must have quoted it

ls01 12-03-21 05:11 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22325793)
I am my harshest critic here.

Don't count on it

ls01 12-03-21 05:13 AM

Originally Posted by indyfabz (Post 22325819)

Doctor gave a guy six months to live. Couldn't pay the bill. Doctor gave him another six months.

Dr. Gave a guy 6 mo. To live. The guy said I want a 2nd opinion. Dr. Said ok! Your ugly too!

ls01 12-03-21 05:14 AM

Originally Posted by big john (Post 22325836)
And as ridiculous as the thing is, they had to put a supercharger on it. I wondered how long it could run without overheating. The guy looks like my cousin except cuz is bigger.

maybe this guy is just further away?

ls01 12-03-21 05:20 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22326047)
What is this?

put it away, stop touching it, go wash your hands...

ls01 12-03-21 05:22 AM

Originally Posted by Eric F (Post 22326052)
I'm sorry to hear that about your friend.

The slow failing of the human body and mind is hard to watch. We've been witness to the creeping decline of my step-father as vascular dementia ground away at the sharpness of one of the most interesting and intelligent humans I've ever known. Yesterday afternoon, the last of the flickering lights went out, and he passed peacefully. We are currently wading through a mixture of anguish and relief left in the wake of his exit.

My condolences Eric. 🙏

ls01 12-03-21 05:23 AM

Originally Posted by DougRNS (Post 22326097)
You can't love someone else until you love yourself.


seedsbelize2 12-03-21 06:35 AM

I just realized it's Friday and I haven't been on a bike yet this week. Sunday is out. Could be today. I have to prep for some workers on Sunday but that's not much. December is a busy month.

datlas 12-03-21 06:53 AM

It's Friday? :bday:

Velo Vol 12-03-21 07:18 AM

Good morning jaxgtr

Velo Vol 12-03-21 07:20 AM

Originally Posted by seedsbelize2 (Post 22327435)
Could be today.

Keep us posted.

ls01 12-03-21 07:27 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22326280)

and strangly enough I still don't give a rats patutti

Velo Vol 12-03-21 07:35 AM

Map of the Day

3 December 21

Velo Vol 12-03-21 07:42 AM

Are you up to Tuesday's posts yet ls01 ?

Velo Vol 12-03-21 07:46 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22327480)
Are you up to Tuesday's posts yet ls01 ?

Why bother, he won't read this until next week.

rjones28 12-03-21 08:03 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22327222)

Post your weight and body fat percentage, so we can judge you.

rjones28 12-03-21 08:07 AM

Originally Posted by BillyD (Post 22327234)
Without labels, the only country I recognize is Italy. Sad.

Back in one of my college European history classes, we had to draw and label a map of Europe during exams.

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