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carleton 01-09-14 03:20 PM

Interesting finds around the web
I often find random tidbits (words, pics, videos) regarding track training/racing. Please post what you've found here.

carleton 01-09-14 03:20 PM

"Where are they now? Chasing down... Erin Hartwell"

carleton 01-09-14 03:26 PM

"The Fixed Gear"


This blog hasn't been updated since May 2011, but the info therin is still very good and modern. Click around the Navigator on the right to dig through the articles.

carleton 01-09-14 03:28 PM

British Cycling / Track

Always updated with info on events and profiles of their athletes.

carleton 01-09-14 03:33 PM

British Cycling's Flickr stream.

There is some amazing photography of amazing athletes and their amazing equipment:

Root around for Road/MTB/CX stuff too:

queerpunk 01-09-14 03:45 PM

Here's a great video on how to properly hold someone for a track start:

queerpunk 01-09-14 03:45 PM

If you haven't read Ed Hood's dispatches from Six-Days, you're missing out:

carleton 01-09-14 03:50 PM

Nearly 500 track racing videos from decades past up to today:

Don't blame me if you lose your job becasue you watched these all day instead of working :D

zizou 01-09-14 04:32 PM

carleton 01-09-14 05:17 PM

Originally Posted by zizou (Post 16397314)

I love that video. I watch it sometimes when I get tired of training and need to know that I'm not alone doing all of this crap that doesn't pay a dime :D

Harun 01-09-14 05:43 PM

Ryokou: Docu on Shane Perkins and track racing in Japan


link to full-length playlist:

Trackliche 01-10-14 12:05 AM <--- love this blog. Not long, but well done, I think. Not too nuts (i.e. DC Rainmaker), but not too bland.


jods 01-13-14 02:45 AM

Anna Meares Documentary

Know Thy Enemy - Part 1
Know Thy Enemy - Part 2

8bits 01-13-14 03:35 PM

Not track specific but....this saddle seems like a good choice for those on bumpy tracks, people do seem to like the CPC thingy and it seems to work. My local track on the 4th turn has made me get out of the saddle a couple of times o_O

Kayce 01-16-14 09:28 PM

Zak K.'s custom built moth attack stayher bike for his trip to the Berlin Six.

queerpunk 01-17-14 01:09 AM

maximum ridiculous.

Impreza_aL 01-17-14 03:21 AM

zak's the fastest hipster on planet earth!

queerpunk 01-17-14 07:17 AM

what's a hipster?

zizou 01-17-14 05:20 PM

I cant see it on that photo but been meaning to ask - on the stayer bikes you often see a rod (or something) coming from the front of the bars down to the front of the forks - what is it for?

slindell 01-17-14 08:01 PM

Originally Posted by zizou (Post 16419952)
I cant see it on that photo but been meaning to ask - on the stayer bikes you often see a rod (or something) coming from the front of the bars down to the front of the forks - what is it for?

Strengthen the front end for going around tight tracks at high speeds.

Dalai 01-17-14 11:45 PM

Free 6 week aerodynamics course starting 28th April -

Week 1: Basic aspects of fluid flow
Week 2: Wind tunnel testing
Week 3: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Week 4: Building aerodynamics
Week 5: 100 m sprint (running) aerodynamics
Week 6: Cycling aerodynamics

I've already signed up. :thumb:

A quick primer in fluid mechanics.

8bits 01-19-14 07:49 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Custom Giro Air Attack Shield helmet for the french team?

bmontgomery87 01-22-14 03:19 PM

Thanks for sharing, Dalai. I just signed up.

8bits 01-23-14 10:59 AM

Merlin Cycles is having a sale of Xentis wheels and there some Mark 2 wheels there for a good price...

carleton 01-23-14 05:43 PM

Arial view of racing at Dick Lane Velodrome (DLV) in Atlanta:

Pretty cool!

Kayce 01-27-14 05:39 PM

Pretty cool personal blog from Missy Erickson on her trip to Japan.

shrinkboy 01-28-14 02:32 PM

your sig line mentions what is perhaps my all time favorite book in my field of psychotherapy, kayce

Kayce 01-31-14 11:33 AM

Interview with Zak K. while he was stayher racing in Berlin. Google translate is fun.

Dalai 02-06-14 05:42 AM

Need a set of rollers you can take flying interstate / overseas without remortgaging your house to pay for excess baggage charges? This may be the ticket though may need to remortgage the house to purchase...

8bits 02-06-14 09:03 AM

how a hed 3 is made, was actually surprised by the amount of foam inside of it! I thought it was going to be much less

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