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WhereIsBusyBee 02-08-16 09:46 AM

One time, and only one time, was seen faking the funk on a nasty dunk.

MillCreek 02-08-16 12:37 PM

For a price, is willing to share the secret Wal-Mart discount enjoyed by all residents of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

caffein8ed 02-08-16 02:20 PM

Claims he's too awesome to be egotistical.

no motor? 02-08-16 03:26 PM

Grew up thinking that the Super Bowl was something smoked by Cheech and Chong and packed with some killer weed man.

3alarmer 02-08-16 03:45 PM

...he's too sexy for this thread, too sexy for this thread, too sexy........too sexy.

no motor? 02-08-16 05:35 PM

hey now, we're supposed to be posting lies you know.....

MillCreek 02-08-16 06:48 PM

Either cannot or will not answer the question as to why an opossum would wear a shirt but no pants.

ahsposo 02-08-16 07:06 PM

Doesn't care about the answer. Just wants that possum not to wear any pants.

3alarmer 02-08-16 09:03 PM

. of the entries in his travel blog, "I came, I saw, I came again." is a rather extensive description of his misadventures in Possum Trot, TN. There are, of course, some gaps in the narrative.

3alarmer 02-08-16 09:06 PM

...there are few gaps in his narrative. The phrase, "mind like a steel trap," immediately comes to..........something.

ahsposo 02-09-16 05:26 AM

Has found his dream job: Test Pilot for Depends®...

caffein8ed 02-09-16 12:12 PM

Has been collecting his toenail clippings in a jar since he was a kid, and periodically opens that jar just to get a sniff.

no motor? 02-09-16 12:35 PM

Only eats free range vegetables.

skijor 02-09-16 12:53 PM

Has ran out of lies. Only the truth remains.

WhereIsBusyBee 02-09-16 01:22 PM

Was shocked to learn that most people actually follow the signs and wash their hands after using the restroom.

3alarmer 02-09-16 01:40 PM

...only uses soap made from organic, free range sources. Honestly believes you just cannot be too careful.

no motor? 02-09-16 02:57 PM

Tore the tags off of his mattress.

ahsposo 02-09-16 04:57 PM

Owns the popular website 404 Not Found

no motor? 02-09-16 05:57 PM

Thought he could out wacka wacka Rube.

black_box 02-09-16 06:09 PM

It's been a few years since he's been asked to wack someone. Maybe he's losing his touch?

ahsposo 02-10-16 06:07 AM

His rate of wacking is dropping off - probably due to advancing old age.

MillCreek 02-10-16 08:02 AM

Is going to spend his spring break tracking the elusive woolly marmot.

caffein8ed 02-10-16 09:48 AM

Enjoys the way orange juice tastes after brushing his teeth.

3alarmer 02-10-16 11:10 AM

...rebellious from a very early age, a person who needs to set the fashions rather than follow them, he brushes his teeth only in a vigorous side to side motion.

"Up and down is for the little people," he thinks to himself whenever he is in the dental chair.

Wilfred Laurier 02-10-16 11:21 AM

He developed a fear of the dentist's office as a small child. His mother developed an elaborate ruse to convince him that he is in fact a robot and needs his head parts regularly checked by a specialist to maintain warrantee coverage.

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