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ahsposo 12-16-21 07:46 AM

Is a brain surgeon that, to make ends meet, moonlights as a rocket scientist.

dynodonn 12-16-21 09:30 AM

His only claim to being a rocket scientist, is his doing moon shots when picking up a bar of soap in the Folsom Prison showers.

thook 12-16-21 12:14 PM

He's just gloating because he was the first one to land that s**t!!

3alarmer 12-16-21 12:47 PM

...he feels that the best thing about plural marriage is the infrequency of divorce, thus precluding alimony payments.

ahsposo 12-16-21 01:16 PM

Must be speaking from experience...

3alarmer 12-16-21 01:34 PM

...the CIA couldn't break him, playing deafeningly loud rock and metal music in his cell, 24/7. Because he's experienced. (And also suffers from substantial hearing loss.)

GhenghisKahn 12-16-21 09:55 PM
Has one of these on his road bike.

dynodonn 12-16-21 10:34 PM

Is the chief engineer at the safety test lab for the ACME Bicycle Company.

3alarmer 12-16-21 11:46 PM

...posting a link to that jet bike video got him banned forever from the endlessly entertaining Helment thread in A+S.

thook 12-17-21 01:41 AM

still rides a big wheel....

ahsposo 12-17-21 06:00 AM

His family is restricted to the shallow end of the gene pool.

thook 12-17-21 07:01 AM

He's so sexually frustrated, he gets all wigged out and shoots off across the room whenever the cat scratches the litter box.

Yeah....that is weird :foo:

3alarmer 12-17-21 11:31 AM

...his new karaoke act for Tuesday nights at the Dew Droppe Inne, over on third avenue in downtown Winslow, starts big, with "Cat Scratch Fever".

ahsposo 12-17-21 05:08 PM

Is starting to believe his own lies...

3alarmer 12-17-21 08:21 PM

...always a slow starter, he has now managed to eliminate both follow through and a big finish.

tireheb 12-17-21 09:19 PM

slow bikeriding is his passion (after tuna sandwich)

ahsposo 12-17-21 09:33 PM

Signs up for teh biekforums and heads straight to the Lies thread and offers 3a an insult so horrible that 3a is going to press textual assault charges.

Well Done!

3alarmer 12-17-21 09:58 PM

...has an appreciation for masochism that is envied by everyone on the Lies thread. If it hurts, he's into it. And his safe word is "more".

3alarmer 12-17-21 10:00 PM

...he quickly figured out that "tireheb" is just "beherit" spelled backwards.

dynodonn 12-17-21 11:28 PM

With enough red rum, he will be more than willing to jump onto his Big Wheel, and go play with the twins down the hall.

ahsposo 12-18-21 07:10 AM

No twins for him, he just plays with his little soldier.

skijor 12-18-21 09:19 AM

He's got a lot of problems with you people.

ahsposo 12-18-21 09:24 AM

The sign on his desk reads "The Buck Never Stops Here" on one side and, when the time is right, he can turn it around to read "Buck Off".

skijor 12-18-21 09:27 AM

His Festivus pole is cf.

dynodonn 12-18-21 10:01 AM

Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 22343918)
No twins for him, he just plays with his little soldier.

According to his wife, his little soldier has been AWOL for many years.

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