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dynodonn 01-16-22 06:36 PM

Has been blind since puberty.

thook 01-16-22 07:32 PM

he's got blisters on his fingers.....and his toes. <<:rolleyes:>>

Siu Blue Wind 01-16-22 07:56 PM

thook Is not being asked to leave this thread.

3alarmer 01-16-22 09:48 PM

When the truth is found
To be lies
And all the joy
Within you dies

Don't you want somebody to love?

veganbikes 01-16-22 10:16 PM

Has his own cover band called Jefferson Airplane Glue. It is just him in a loose robe getting high on model glue on stage and shouting the lyrics to Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Number 2 while taking a number 2 so far he is booked for a month long residency at the world famous behind the Golden Corral Dumpster in fabulous Bismark, North Dakota.

dynodonn 01-16-22 11:35 PM

As a house builder, he is known for his fast working skills, and which he credits to his taste in listening to music from rock bands like Nine Inch Nail Guns, Megameth, and The Hanging Doors . Though his favorite go to music is from the alternative big band group of Bennys Are Really Good, Man!

thook 01-16-22 11:38 PM

Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind (Post 22376660)
thook Is not being asked to leave this thread.

be serious for a moment, please. are you really asking me to leave this thread?

ahsposo 01-17-22 06:05 AM

Thinks the "Ban Hammer" can be found in the Tool Section of the Home Depot.

3alarmer 01-17-22 11:33 AM

...for a clear violation of the ban club rules, he was once banned for talking about ban club.

Siu Blue Wind 01-17-22 12:07 PM

doesn't understand the rules of the game.

veganbikes 01-17-22 12:45 PM

Makes the rules of the game but still has to cheat to win. However did scare the literal dookie out of thook so not all bad, however he had to dress up like a dog to eat it.

ahsposo 01-17-22 01:57 PM

Is the Tool Section.

Siu Blue Wind 01-17-22 05:36 PM

Hates hanging out at Lowes

3alarmer 01-17-22 07:01 PM

...spent the entire day on Amazon, looking for a bigger hammer.

veganbikes 01-17-22 07:26 PM

Spent the entire day writing Jeff Bezos erotic fan fiction.

ahsposo 01-17-22 08:12 PM

Didn't carefully read his Windows 11 end user agreement and now he's Bill Gates' cabana boy.

3alarmer 01-17-22 08:24 PM

...did not snicker into his coffee mug when he typed "end user agreement".

dynodonn 01-17-22 09:33 PM

He will be joining me in a moment of silence for the loss of a fellow liar who fell on the foul side of Homey the Clown, he will also be helping me in giving thanks that the dear departed had not been given an "end users agreement" as a Folsom shower soap bar retriever.

3alarmer 01-17-22 11:30 PM

. all great ideas, soap on a rope just came to him, one day out of the blue. It was based on careful observation and personal experience, gained during his own incarceration.

dynodonn 01-17-22 11:40 PM

Wrote his own autobiography of his prison life, and under the pen name Ben Dover.

3alarmer 01-17-22 11:52 PM

...what we sometimes call an accomplished jailhouse lawyer. Now that he's on work release, he has a very exciting job, drafting criminal defense appeals for Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.

Darth Lefty 01-18-22 12:35 AM

Spends half his public radio show, Bike Twalk, giggling hoarsely at his own jokes even though he is a grown-*** man with a national audience.

ahsposo 01-18-22 05:57 AM

Is a groan man.

dynodonn 01-18-22 08:43 AM

His wife wishes he as a groin man, but has put it on her MIA list since their honeymoon. She still wishes that he stop singing "Walk like a man" in the shower, or at least not in his highest falsetto possible.

3alarmer 01-18-22 11:36 AM

...were it not for his amazing falsetto voice, his entire Tuesday night karaoke act at the Dew Droppe Inne would be impossible. Big Girls Don't Cry is an absolute show stopper.

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