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XxHaimBondxX 10-01-23 08:20 AM

24 miles and change. Finally back in the saddle after a cold. What a difference a week makes, beautiful fall is here.

Sierra_rider 10-01-23 09:28 PM

Finally did a meaningful road ride today after a bunch of mtb'ing and a DNF at a CX race. It's chilly up here in the mountains right now, so I rode down the hill into warmer temps.

The Chemist 10-02-23 05:28 PM

PedalPro 10-02-23 10:09 PM

Good Luck! in your goal

jadmt 10-03-23 07:54 AM

awesome accomplishment. I was going to post I did a 100 miler but felt ashamed :)..

HectorStorm 10-03-23 10:20 AM

13.3 miles then the puncture happened.

Troul 10-04-23 04:35 AM

Had a bit more time to expend upfront & netted 71 miles.
getting when the gotten is gooders.

BTinNYC 10-04-23 05:52 AM

Evening ride

HectorStorm 10-04-23 12:09 PM

42 miles done today, and it was propar windy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SpeedyBlueBiker 10-04-23 10:25 PM

Rode 41 miles today on a nice Fall day in the PNW.

The Chemist 10-05-23 06:50 AM

25.5km on the first ride since my monster ride on Monday. Felt good. Also seem to have managed to fix the ticking sound that I have been getting from my bottom bracket recently by disassembling everything and putting it all back together adequately tightly, which is nice - that ticking was driving me nuts.

Troul 10-05-23 08:58 AM

33 miles

HectorStorm 10-06-23 10:00 AM

9.5 miles until the tyre blowout. I am absolutely furious. Just 50 miles since the last time. Think I need new wheels and also going to get puncture proof tyres.

diphthong 10-06-23 02:31 PM

first ride in a while. just happened to be out of town…

Jklotz 10-06-23 03:29 PM

I did an hour of zone 2 on the trainer.

The Chemist 10-07-23 06:25 AM

37km on a blustery Saturday.

Troul 10-07-23 08:20 AM

39 miles in what felt like 39°F & 20mph headwinds.

HectorStorm 10-07-23 10:39 AM

9 miles from City centre to my house after taking the bike for yet more repairs.

On the way back, some brain-dead louts in a black Audi got enraged and yelled "WANKER" at me, among other things, as well as beeping, gesturing with middle finger and V signs, all because I had to take the tram lines across the road at an angle to avoid my wheel going down into the groove and throwing me off. I thought it was fairly clear, that, but not to these reprobates apparently!

Sierra_rider 10-07-23 09:38 PM

I did my first gravel race today. I was quietly hoping for a podium in my age group, but 8th in class is a good start. XC mtb racing has been my "thing" for a few years, but gravel racing is a different beast.

SpeedyBlueBiker 10-07-23 10:23 PM

38 miles today. Great day to be out riding!

The Chemist 10-08-23 03:28 AM

Nice quick ride today. So glad the summer heat / humidity is finally gone for the year - makes riding far more comfortable.

lsubiker 10-08-23 07:42 AM

5 miles!

HectorStorm 10-08-23 11:55 AM

42 miles

A bit demotivated lately, so many anti-cyclist and very abusive people in my area on top of technical problems lately. Might take a break from it for a while.

XxHaimBondxX 10-08-23 02:24 PM

24ish, stumbled on a marathon on this trail, causing me to find alternate route via streets on the way back.

jaxgtr 10-08-23 02:32 PM

I took last week off as I had injured my knee somewhere along the lines, so I went out today and took advantage of the cool weather we got in today. I was just about to turn into my hood, and I hit something that I did not see, but it tinged off the base of the bottom bracket and then it sliced the sidewall of my tire. So I got in 74 and walked about a quarter of a mile. Luckily I had some new tires ready for when I needed them. Pirelli P Zero Race 30mm TLR in brown sidewalls, which as it goes, I really love the look of on the bike. I had black wall before. The old tires had almost 3K miles and probably could have gone another 1k. Edit: oh and the change of my chainrings to the 48/35 was such a great improvement, I was not hunting for a gear as much as I did with the 46/33.

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