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Whitecoyote 01-04-21 08:21 PM

Rode 22 miles yesterday on mu Surly SteamRoller.

diphthong 01-07-21 11:37 AM

9-spot yday before i became aware of the riot at/inside the us capitol. was glued to the screen the rest of the day.

Troul 01-07-21 03:34 PM

70.7 miles in doors. Haven't watched the news in about 10+ days.

Inusuit 01-07-21 05:36 PM

17.5 on gravel riding my Specialized Rock Combo.

diphthong 01-07-21 09:34 PM

easy 20-spot.

Troul 01-09-21 08:25 PM

71 miles while sweating my indoor butt off.

jaxgtr 01-09-21 08:44 PM

30 miles in very cold 40 deg temps. I do not like to ride in temps below 50 as I just dont have the equipment to stay warm being from a warm weather area.

added: trying to keep my head, ears, and face warm. Also have a heavy jersey, jacket, wool socks, some gloves that were not really working, and full leg tights which worked really well out of everything.

jaxgtr 01-09-21 08:45 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 21870568)
71 miles while sweating my indoor butt off.

Damn, 71 miles indoors....:beer:

Troul 01-09-21 08:55 PM

Originally Posted by jaxgtr (Post 21870603)
Damn, 71 miles indoors....:beer:

I was prepared. Had two fans. A headwind & a tailwind at the same time.

jaxgtr 01-09-21 09:20 PM

:lol:, that's always a joke I have with my wife when I ask if she wants to join me on a ride. I tell her I will pick a route where the wind is at her rarely ever is and I will get the eye roll and then the inevitable, "pass".

joesch 01-09-21 09:34 PM

45 miles in 45 temp. Sure miss SoCal.

diphthong 01-11-21 09:05 PM

25-spot. low 70ís today. nice.

Troul 01-11-21 09:47 PM

sweet 16 miles

jaxgtr 01-11-21 09:51 PM

36 miles to St. Augustine and back...very nice ride.

Troul 01-12-21 08:02 AM

25 miles looking at the nutty squirrels trying to dig in the frozen soil thru the window.

diphthong 01-12-21 08:23 PM


Troul 01-14-21 09:16 AM

25 miles.

one4smoke 01-14-21 08:46 PM

30 miles in the late evening...

diphthong 01-15-21 12:04 AM

50-spot. 80f on january 14th. did not suck.

Troul 01-15-21 09:03 AM

22 miles

bradybunch84 01-15-21 11:49 AM

5.1 miles. Yes, only 5.1 miles.....

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