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jaxgtr 08-14-21 10:24 PM

Horrible weather today, started to rain and I just did not feel like staying in it.. only got in 26

Troul 08-15-21 08:12 AM

104 Miles O.D.

Nachoman 08-15-21 09:16 AM

42, which seems to be about my sweet spot these days.

kahn 08-15-21 12:45 PM

22.7 and 1,040. Air finally cleared. I really did not appreciate having to chew the air when I went out for the mail!

mschwett 08-15-21 02:07 PM

what does "OD" refer to in this thread? Out Doors? Olympic Distance? On the Dot?

unfortunately no time this weekend for a big ride :sadpikachuface:

21.59mi and 1,339' this AM.

Jacob_R_59 08-15-21 02:54 PM

40 Miles-
I’d been off the bike for a month thanks to a bout of sciatica. However, 2 back-to-back 10 mile “spins” (the first with my 10 year old son and the second with my wife) convinced me that I can still put in miles while walking with a cane.

So last Sunday, I rode 40 miles out and back on the Foothills Trail between Puyallup and Buckley, WA with Forum member, Jeff Rumbold.
Jeff rode his Medici and I rode my S-Works Tarmac.
Almost at the end of the line in downtown Buckley.
Downhill for over a mile on the way back to Puyallup!

biker128pedal 08-15-21 05:08 PM

Nice 32 mile ride out through Matthews Va. I procrastinated some and missed the rain showers.

BlazingPedals 08-15-21 05:50 PM

My birthday was Friday, and today I rode my age.

donm1967 08-15-21 07:53 PM

End of week 1 with my first road bike, did 26 miles, mostly flat, avg 16.5 mph. Not breaking any records (besides my own) but getting faster and used to the bike/position. After today's ride I'm thinking I need a shorter stem.

808HIcycler 08-15-21 07:57 PM

27.5 and 1350' yesterday morning. Had to end early since the wife had to work, but should have gotten out of bed sooner. Rode without speed info for the first time, paying attention to power output. One of my best rides I have had in a long time by doing so.

packitin 08-16-21 07:26 AM

2.5 miles on a flat greenway about a mile from my house. (I'll be 83 in a week)

ofajen 08-16-21 11:41 AM

Managed to give myself a week or so off the bike by taking a low speed tumble at an intersection on Saturday. But no fractures! 👍


one4smoke 08-16-21 10:12 PM

21 miles on a nice Nashville evening.

ultrarider7 08-17-21 06:01 AM

50 miles on a hot, windy afternoon.

Troul 08-17-21 06:14 AM

30 Miles O.D. Hit by a sprinklers bad timing.

diphthong 08-17-21 10:29 AM

22-spot. decent views. semi-low traffic this morn. brand new pavé entire stretch.

kahn 08-17-21 03:31 PM

My pretty standard 15.5 loop with 600 gain. Gray day. But before the ride I needed to harvest.... Both activities cause too much neck craning.

Dinghy 08-17-21 04:51 PM

Just a quick 18.4mi. Checking the shifting on the new chain I put on this morning.

jaxgtr 08-17-21 06:18 PM

27 mile and 2k of climbing on the trainer during a meeting I was forced to attend but had no interest in.

jaxgtr 08-17-21 06:20 PM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22188588)
My pretty standard 15.5 loop with 600 gain. Gray day. But before the ride I needed to harvest.... Both activities cause too much neck craning.

Are those some sort of freaky large blueberries?

Troul 08-17-21 06:31 PM

Originally Posted by jaxgtr (Post 22188778)
Are those some sort of freaky large blueberries?

looks like SClub Globe Seeded Grapes

Technium92 08-17-21 06:43 PM

Originally Posted by canklecat (Post 19078057)
I rode 20-30 miles three times this week when I intended to ride only around the block to check some cantilever brake adjustments. Got warmed up, didn't want to stop, kept going.

I'm planning to ride a solo century before the end of the year. Apparently I need to trick myself. So I'm gonna plan on riding 20-30 miles. Then I'll just sorta accidentally stumble into 100 miles.

Just remember to bring a little extra fuel to stumble into when you get hungry and double check for a few fountains or easy stops for bottle fills. Enjoy!

I rode 30 miles today. Glad to be out there.

Troul 08-18-21 03:51 AM

before 5:00, 25 Miles O.D.

kahn 08-18-21 08:09 AM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22188788)
looks like SClub Globe Seeded Grapes

They are Italian Plums/Prunes. They grow on trees not shrubs or vines or bushes.

diphthong 08-18-21 11:08 PM

out of town 20-spot

Troul 08-19-21 03:57 AM

moist 30 Miles O.D.

The Chemist 08-19-21 06:39 AM

47km lunchtime ride.

Broctoon 08-19-21 01:29 PM

Yesterday I joined a 22 mile group ride, same as every Wednesday.

Lately I've been working on drafting and also just pushing myself harder so I can hopefully keep up with the faster guys. It worked last week--I was able to come in with the best of them, and our average speed was 21.9 MPH. This is good performance for me, even considering that I was in a group and riding very flat terrain.

Last night didn't work out the same. The crowd that showed up was smaller than usual, and the ones who came were all the strongest riders. They must have been feeling froggy, because they really sent it. 28 MPH. I was able to hang with them for about 30 seconds, and then I might as well have been trying to keep up with a bullet train. It wasn't happening.

Still a fun ride, but I straggled in with one other guy who got dropped the same time as me.

Troul 08-20-21 03:19 PM

77 Miles O.D.

Daniel4 08-20-21 04:34 PM

47.5km, 3hr:22min. Average speed 14.1km/hr
Got home at around 6pm. Got honked and yelled at today. It's been a long time since that has happened. Lots of honking but nobody made any risky moves because I took the lane instead of riding on the edge.

Somebody even told me to ride on the sidewalk. I wish I had kept that video I took a few days ago of a car making a right hook against a cyclist who was riding on the sidewalk. I also wish that these drivers would complain to the city councillor about cyclists like me so that the city can definitely make bike lanes on the road where I ride or build them on the sidewalk. I've been to community meetings where this has been suggested before.

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