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ls01 04-24-22 07:03 PM

Originally Posted by big john (Post 22483221)
When I bought Ksyrium wheels they came with the spoke wrench. The first time I broke a spoke they were still under warranty and they gave me a handful of spokes. Then a spoke nipple ripped out of the rear rim and they put on a new rim under warranty. The next time a nipple ripped out it was close to the end of warranty, maybe just out and they gave me another rim for free. The next time one ripped out I was far from home and got dropped by the group so I tried to limp into the next city and 2 more ripped out so it wouldn't even roll. Ended up taking a cab home for $100. Mavic said no more warranty so I paid for another rim and sold the wheelset after it was fixed.

these have a lot of miles on them. I bought them from a forum member years ago. If they get that bad I'll just part them out on ebay. They don't owe me anything.

Mojo31 04-24-22 07:03 PM

Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets (Post 22483307)
Let's say the neighbor has a 14,000 gallon pool.

14000 x 8.3 = 116,200 pounds.

Its over 30,000 gallons. Closer to 250,000 pounds.

LesterOfPuppets 04-24-22 07:05 PM

Originally Posted by Mojo31 (Post 22483309)
Its over 30,000 gallons.

Oooh, that's a biggun. Ours is 21k but it doesn't have a deep end. Max depth 5'

Mojo31 04-24-22 07:08 PM

Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets (Post 22483312)
Oooh, that's a biggun. Ours is 21k but it doesn't have a deep end. Max depth 5'

Ours is about 32-33,000 per the builder. His is about the same, or maybe a bit smaller.

Our max depth is 5.5’, but it’s pretty long and wide.

ls01 04-24-22 07:15 PM

Not an *******. An ******* would have just called the authorities and got him in trouble. That is the ruling on the field.

Velo Vol 04-24-22 07:20 PM

Originally Posted by Mojo31 (Post 22483304)
His available options do not include illegally discharging into a storm water system or discharging into a neighbors property. Both are prohibited by state statutes, counselor.

The fact that he was doing something illegal doesn't necessarily shield you from also being an a-hole.

If I deliberately drive the speed limit in the "fast lane" to slow people down, am I being an a-hole?

Originally Posted by rjones28 (Post 22483305)
About whether the grass needs to be cut?

His mentioning the condition of the bushes was irrelevant to the question (tainting our view of the neighbour). But, since he mentioned it, we could judge whether or not he was objectively describing the situation.

guisar 04-24-22 07:25 PM

Originally Posted by datlas (Post 22460582)
Making progress on Habanero build. Cables and housing done. Brakes connected. RD set up. I still have to connect/adjust FD and install chain/wrap bars.

I connected the RD cable to the RD but it looks funny as the cable looks curved as it exits the housing and is connected to the RD. All my other RDís have been in a nice line. See pic below. Is this right?? I think it is, but looks wrong. Ideas??

The two little prongs on the derailleur, if you haven't gotten it adjusted, should straddle the pokey part of the derailleur hanger. Loosening up and repositioning the pokey part should improve the alignment (and shifting).

abshipp 04-24-22 07:38 PM

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22481849)
more like too wide, so the skewer wonít screw in.

Coincidentally, my buddy just sent me a message asking whether it's normal that his Bontrager rear wheel measures 133.54mm OLD. 1.5mm isn't a lot but could make things a little more difficult to install. What does your frame and hub measure?

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22480477)
Its all tight. This has always been a problem with this bike since day one. I just didnít sprint in the past or get out of the saddle much at all, so it didnít bother me. Now that my riding has changed itís more of an issue. It doesnít rub at all in the saddle, the instant I am out of the saddle it starts rubbing as I sway the bike. Rubs on both sides. Almost like the fork is flexing too much.

There are a lot of times that I can't get a disc brake to not rub. It's likely either a fork flex issue as you mentioned or the brake caliper mounts are not faced correctly.

abshipp 04-24-22 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by rjones28 (Post 22483222)
Not for me. Did several builds at the shop. And even a set for myself.

I like 460s a lot. Those look a lot like Tricolor hubs. I like those a lot, too.

rjones28 04-24-22 07:46 PM

Originally Posted by abshipp (Post 22483353)
I like 460s a lot. Those look a lot like Tricolor hubs. I like those a lot, too.

The hubs are 105 SC from the early 1990s.

LesterOfPuppets 04-24-22 09:07 PM

Originally Posted by DougRNS (Post 22483180)
The mighty Pirates took 3 out of 4 against the Cubs in Chicago. That 3 touchdown win on Saturday for the Cubbies was cold comfort.
Bucs > Cubs

Cubbies overdid it a little on Saturday!

My favorite recent highlight:

LesterOfPuppets 04-24-22 09:32 PM

You really need some momentum to get out of Bristol

gnome 04-25-22 02:27 AM

back after a nice week long holiday visiting my parents and sister in the North Island. It was good to see them and catch up with them. It is good to be back home though.

indyfabz 04-25-22 05:20 AM

I managed to mess that up.

Wordle 310 4/6


Trsnrtr 04-25-22 05:51 AM


Wordle 310 6/6


datlas 04-25-22 06:13 AM

Originally Posted by guisar (Post 22483331)
The two little prongs on the derailleur, if you haven't gotten it adjusted, should straddle the pokey part of the derailleur hanger. Loosening up and repositioning the pokey part should improve the alignment (and shifting).

Thanks, I was able to figure out that the "cable line" has a bend in it by design at the RD, which is not a big deal but definitely a difference from earlier generations. Works great btw.

Velo Vol 04-25-22 07:03 AM

Good morning to everyone except the a-holes.

seedsbelize2 04-25-22 07:17 AM

[QUOTE=Velo Vol;22483245]Some people really struggle to answer simple questions.[/QUO

Every question does not deserve an answer----Somebody Famous

LAJ 04-25-22 07:56 AM

Holy crap, even after four letters, it took me way too long to get this.

Wordle 310 4/6


indyfabz 04-25-22 08:12 AM

Got the last campsite available for Saturday at French Creek State Park. Only 45 miles each way, but there are some hills after the bike trail section on the way out. Think I I will try out my new UL tent. And maybe I will see datlas on the way home Sunday.

LesterOfPuppets 04-25-22 08:13 AM

Wordle 310 5/6


big john 04-25-22 08:56 AM

Wordle 310 4/6


genejockey 04-25-22 09:04 AM

Wordle 310 5/6


Mojo31 04-25-22 09:22 AM

Wordle 310 3/6


BillyD 04-25-22 10:22 AM

Originally Posted by Mojo31 (Post 22483255)
There is a guy that lives behind me, but a house down. Iíve never met the guy. His backyard is a mess as he never trims the bushes or weeds his flower beds, and allows his pool to go green (we have iron fences so his backyard is visible to us and the other neighbors. Today he decided to drain his pool by running a hose into my backyard and pumping water thru it so it would run into a storm water drain on my property. It is illegal to put pool water into that drain because of environmental contamination concerns. Itís also illegal here to divert water from one property to another. So, I asked him tonight not to do so. He tried to argue with me, but I insisted that he not drain his pool onto my property.

Am I the a-hole?


BillyD 04-25-22 10:25 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22483265)
Need more info. What's the "proper" way for him to drain the pool.

Keep his water on his own property.

bampilot06 04-25-22 10:39 AM

Originally Posted by Velo Vol (Post 22483659)
Good morning to everyone except the a-holes.

Im offended.

bampilot06 04-25-22 10:44 AM

Got to practice the next crit course yesterday. I like it, but the first turn has one of those drainage lips across the whole turn. If everyone is bunched up I can see this being a problem.

I predict this race will be a lot different then the last one. The field is not nearly as big and the course is not open like the speedway was. I imagine some will breakaway in the beginning and the rest will be divided into small pockets. This is my ignorance speaking though, I honestly have no clue what I am talking about.

Goal is the same, not to crash, but I am not going to concern myself with my placing this time. Focus more on making smart moves and play around with sprinting on one of the straightaways.

Itís a bummer but I donít think my kit will be here by then.

LAJ 04-25-22 10:54 AM

Play around with sprinting on the straightaways?

bampilot06 04-25-22 10:58 AM

Originally Posted by LAJ (Post 22483960)
Play around with sprinting on the straightaways?

my sprint game is none, bottom of the fourth turn leads to finish line, obviously not sprint every lap but I donít know. I guess see how I feel.

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