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Wilfred Laurier 03-28-14 11:19 PM

despite appearing to all the world as a misplaced phallus standing in the grass
and having a smell that is a cross between rotten meat and smegma
he is still a fungi

Jseis 03-29-14 12:19 AM

Sleeps with a copy of Wookiepedia.

ahsposo 03-29-14 03:41 AM

Has a circular bed.

Tells people he sleeps a round.

skijor 03-29-14 09:15 AM

Can really taste the swan when using his origami coffee filter.

Wilfred Laurier 03-29-14 09:41 AM

has a civet cat to finish off the coffee beans he roasts
but he realized he preferred taste of coffee made from the binding agent
and throws the beans away

gitarzan 03-29-14 12:10 PM

Is mentioned three times in the Book of Revelations.

MillCreek 03-29-14 12:41 PM

He was the model used to illustrate 'a plague of boils' in the Bible.

gitarzan 03-29-14 12:48 PM

Pictures of him usually have a black bar over his eyes.

Jseis 03-29-14 01:44 PM

Is investing heavily in Black_Box's virtual reality "device" though efforts to attract FB investment in paper & string is not promising.

gitarzan 03-29-14 01:50 PM

Wants to be chipped chopped ham sandwich more than anything in the world.

Wilfred Laurier 03-29-14 02:45 PM

the last computer game he played was leisure suit larry in 1989
he quit after that because it was just too real

skijor 03-29-14 02:58 PM

Still dreams of throwing grenades in Muse's Castle Wolfenstein on an Apple II (1981).

gitarzan 03-29-14 04:50 PM

Still working thru his text based Zork game.

ahsposo 03-29-14 06:24 PM

Can't understand why game development continued after the invention of Chutes and Ladders...

gitarzan 03-29-14 10:11 PM

Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, farts like a bull. Sending out a mixed message.

MillCreek 03-31-14 06:08 AM

Thanks to years of careful research on diet, supported by meticulous records and charts, his farts smell of a pleasant combination of lavender and citrus.

ahsposo 03-31-14 06:17 AM

Worked on a new addition to the Tribal Spa this weekend: A Mud Bath.

Jseis 03-31-14 09:00 AM

His "seeded" watermelon bath negated his vasectomy and the S.O. wasn't really happy with the results.

skijor 03-31-14 10:59 AM

Fills his tires with Great Stuff™.

3alarmer 03-31-14 11:35 AM

. one of the original four Yorkshiremen, as a child he was always envious of the kids who actually had tires on their bikes.

And bikes...........................when he were young, 'twer two stale bagels nailed to a branch from someone else's tree.

skijor 03-31-14 11:56 AM

As an early adopter, he's all the rage in the hood when he walks his pack/school of piranha chihuahuas.

ahsposo 03-31-14 12:39 PM

All his life, as far back as he can remember, he's wrestled with the question: "Who's sexier? Betty or Wilma?"

Jseis 03-31-14 02:09 PM

Post a Lie about the poster above - Volume 2
Though always stumped by the two in tight leopard print he consummated his desires with Dino.

MillCreek 03-31-14 02:37 PM

While consummating his desires with a member of the Flintstone clan, would shout 'Bam Bam!' at the pentultimate moment, causing all to wonder if he was referring to the son of the Rubbles or Emeril, famed chef from Rhode Island.

gitarzan 03-31-14 04:43 PM

Hanna-Barbera saw Millstone stopping his fixie, and was inspired with regards to Fred Flintstone's car.

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