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3alarmer 02-27-21 12:12 PM

...still misses the days when he could play "Cherry Bomb", by the Runaways, on his VCR, and not be berated as some kind of pervert. :(

no motor? 02-27-21 02:51 PM

Think as the VCR is too new to be trusted and sticks with the old familiar technology of the film strip synched with a 45.

ahsposo 02-27-21 02:57 PM

Prefers to sink his film strip with a Glock 9.

3alarmer 02-27-21 03:30 PM

...prefers the films where people strip. He has a subscription to Mrs. Poindexter's Members Only page.

ahsposo 02-27-21 04:20 PM

Mrs. Poindexter pays him to watch...

skijor 02-27-21 04:24 PM

Will be Dexter's first victim in the reboot.

roundypndr 02-27-21 09:01 PM

Is very dexterous, especially when it comes to bending over.

thook 02-27-21 09:38 PM

can't touch his toes, but what he's reaching for ain't that low anyway

roundypndr 02-28-21 09:38 AM

Whenever he drops his dentures on the floor, his trusty cane and a wad of his great grandkids' ABC gum saves the day.

skijor 02-28-21 10:10 AM

Is holding strong with his New Year's resolution to not refer to the missus as a vintage kitchen appliance.

ahsposo 02-28-21 10:45 AM

Has a vintage prevaricator in his kitchen; just this morning he used it to cook up a hearty dish of malice infused white lies with sugar-coated fibs and some good old crusty innuendos.

3alarmer 02-28-21 12:01 PM

...whenever someone refers to him as a crusty old man, he responds with a plea to stop ridiculing the heartbreak of psoriasis.

no motor? 02-28-21 03:22 PM

Went on such a lieing binge this weekend the pants of everyone within earshot burst into flames.

3alarmer 02-28-21 03:47 PM

...his ears are shot, due to aging. But it doesn't slow him down any. He just wears a big button on his shirt that says, "Wut ??"

ahsposo 02-28-21 08:34 PM

You may have noticed that he's not indulging himself in outright vicious mean-spirited lies; he gave those up for Lent...

skijor 02-28-21 08:41 PM

He's full of angst.

no motor? 02-28-21 08:42 PM

Will be telling everyone that tomorrow is February 29th.

3alarmer 03-01-21 01:03 AM

...for Lent this year, he decided to just give up.

ahsposo 03-01-21 06:13 AM

Apparently, he's trying to give up telling lies entirely for Lent...

no motor? 03-01-21 06:40 AM

Lent his low quality lies but is still hoarding the best ones.

3alarmer 03-01-21 10:16 AM

....still remembers the valuable lesson he learned, back in 1973, when he gave up wearing pants for Lent.

no motor? 03-01-21 10:41 AM

Fit right in over the weekend in Orlando if you overlook the pantslessness.

3alarmer 03-01-21 10:46 AM

...had a fit at the gate to Disney World, when they refused to admit him to the park unless he wore some pants. It was all over the news.

roundypndr 03-01-21 11:15 AM

The only time he went pantless, he forgot his sunscreen, leading to a week of standing and celibacy.

ahsposo 03-01-21 11:32 AM

Would practically kill for only a week of celibacy.

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