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3alarmer 04-24-22 11:07 AM

...his constant praise here is often effusive to the point of embarrassing.

veganbikes 04-24-22 08:11 PM

Embarrassed himself by wearing a full Victorian outfit to the flashers convention took him 20 minutes to show the ladies what layeth beneath his pantaloons. Let's just say they doth not be impressed as that was not the broadsword they were hoping for but a mer red faux cheese spreader that comes with those little packets for kids lunches.

3alarmer 04-24-22 09:45 PM

...not an authority on kids' lunches. The terms of his probation clearly prohibit his presence in any area within three city blocks of an elementary or a high school.

ahsposo 04-26-22 07:35 PM

His arrested development led to an arrest this morning for a development last night...

3alarmer 04-26-22 08:32 PM

...he is the person responsible for hearing all the noises made by trees falling in the forest, when no one is around to hear it.

ahsposo 04-27-22 04:16 AM

Tells me that the sound of one hand clapping sounds sorta like a silent fart...

3alarmer 04-27-22 03:15 PM

...he enjoys talking to the hand, because the hand don't talk back.

thook 04-27-22 04:50 PM

he's known as a real handyman, though he knows not a dern thing about making repairs

ahsposo 04-27-22 07:52 PM

He had tattoos up and down his arm
There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm
He's a one stop shop, makes the panties drop
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man

3alarmer 04-27-22 09:31 PM

...blind since birth, he decided in first grade to model his musical life after the Reverend Gary Davis.

veganbikes 04-27-22 11:20 PM

Fully sighted and with great hearing but having never actually heard any other music in his life he decided to model his musical career after Wing

ahsposo 04-28-22 04:14 AM

Prefers black in back.

veganbikes 04-28-22 10:58 AM

Prefers Lewis Black in the sack

3alarmer 04-28-22 04:07 PM

...blind since birth, he thinks Lewis Black is black.

veganbikes 04-28-22 04:18 PM

Wait he's not? Next you are going to tell me that Barry White and Jaleel White are both Black and The Rock is not actually a talking rock?

ahsposo 04-28-22 07:16 PM

His love of the Rolling Stones led him to major in Geology.

roundypndr 04-28-22 07:41 PM

He is still unable to leave the building, due to his years of hanging with the Doors

ahsposo 04-29-22 05:57 AM

Not a man to put up with any double-talk he has started packing suits in his suitcase, parking on the parkway and driving on his driveway.

When I asked him how that is working out for him he replied "I'm not getting anywhere and when I don't get there and get ready to go out my suits are all wrinkled."

3alarmer 04-29-22 04:27 PM

. spite of his youthful appearance, in keeping with his self identification as black blues musician, he's a mannish boy.

roundypndr 04-30-22 08:41 AM

Too him, everything is black and white, especially his clothing, and he even likes it more so if it has numbers stenciled on the back.

3alarmer 04-30-22 09:53 AM

...we'll always have Paris.

roundypndr 04-30-22 10:04 AM

To all his friends, he's like a post card from Paris, especially after they've seen the real thing.

Brojangles 04-30-22 02:05 PM

Secretly favors peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches...with pickles.

ahsposo 04-30-22 03:31 PM

Claims to have actually dated Kinsey Milhone when she was still driving the VW.

veganbikes 04-30-22 08:35 PM

claims to have dated Ernest Borgnine and saw the real McHale's Navy

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