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bicievino 08-12-21 03:59 PM

Originally Posted by m@tty (Post 22181132)
While scouring the web today found these.

Looks pretty cool. Wish they were race legal.

taras0000 08-15-21 09:44 PM

Originally Posted by carleton (Post 21966847)
But that's exactly what Felt did with the TK1 Endurance and TK1 Sprint (or whatever they were called a few years ago. The Sprint model used a heavier layup.

So, maybe they are saving money by not creating separate Endurance and Spring molds for each given size. Maybe they are using the same molds and adding more carbon when the sprint frames are being produced. (I don't know if that's how it would go down. Not familiar with carbon fiber manufacturing.).

That's exactly how you would stiffen a frame using the same mold. The internal bladders just compress the the carbon lay up against the inside of a rigid mold. How you alter the lay up itself would make no difference in the methodology of how the frame is produced. Once you have your shape/mold, and general lay up figured out, you could then customize the level of compliance and stiffness just by playing around with different lay up schedules.

taras0000 08-15-21 09:46 PM

Originally Posted by m@tty (Post 22181536)
And looks like I have found the new frame!

Dead link, here is the correct one -

m@tty 08-16-21 04:16 AM

Originally Posted by taras0000 (Post 22186031)
Dead link, here is the correct one -

the link works fine and is for a different frame

taras0000 08-17-21 10:44 AM

Originally Posted by m@tty (Post 22186146)
the link works fine and is for a different frame

Weird. It wasn't working for me before. It's an interesting frame. Price seems reasonable as well, especially considering that they are drawing their own tubes. Maybe they saw the hole left behind by Tiemeyer and decided that a well engineered frame that's not just an open offering from the factories still has a place amongst all the carbon that's the rage on the track.

bicievino 08-17-21 03:17 PM

Yeah, the geometry on the long reach version looks great!

carpediemracing 08-18-21 07:30 AM

Originally Posted by m@tty (Post 22186146)
the link works fine and is for a different frame

wow. If I didn't have my frame already this would be the one for me to get. long version.

Morelock 08-18-21 10:14 AM

Here is the
to the record attempts taking place today (Lambie's 3:59 attempt, multiple others)

Morelock 08-18-21 02:12 PM
Pretty flippin impressive

m@tty 08-25-21 05:35 PM

Another option for endurance bars

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