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ADR70 05-11-20 03:07 PM

Not far
....on the trainer :)

diphthong 05-11-20 06:12 PM

just a little 25-miler to scout out 3 potential through roads for future longer rides. went 0 for 3. oh well.
did get to ride a nicely compacted 1-1.5 miles of uphill dirt on my road bike running 23’s early on and that somewhat made up for getting stoned on the lewis and clark expedition.

FatRap64 05-11-20 07:39 PM

4.4 miles.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but I'm pretty proud of it in my situation and it being the third day having my bike.

I'm going over 5 tomorrow! Yeah!!!!!

gios 05-11-20 11:16 PM

Trying to get my vitamin D. 16 miles was my last. A :56 ride.

Pugs2xLove 05-12-20 08:22 PM

14 miles to and from work each way with some hills in between. My typical daily work commute each day when I'm able to ride. Can't get away from rolling hills in Iowa.

diphthong 05-12-20 09:50 PM

33 cushy miles. 13 solo and 20 with a friend. gorgeous day in sandy eggo.

Dany6 05-13-20 09:11 AM

15km for today after a 4 days rain break.

OldTryGuy 05-13-20 11:23 AM

Yesterday was the second time out on the road since my bicycle crash on 4/27. A 150lb mama pig sideswiped me at 1:30AM just 33 miles into an overnight 100 miler and down I went from 20.1mph to ground resulting in a cracked left scapula, 2 cracked ribs and a punctured lung. All doctors/nurses were surprised with this soon to be 70yo GEEZER'S progress and my ortho surgeon gave me the OK to get back on the bike with the one caveat >>> DO NOT FALL.

Wanting to get back ASAP into good form I decided to enter the 2020 Cruzbike TT Challenge >>>

Having a 12 mile segment locally designated I had wife drive me there last Friday and rode it on my Roubaix. Very challenging and tiring. Decided to give it another try YESTERDAY but this time I rode the 9 miles to the start, rode the distance a couple of times then back home for 42 total miles. Used the grocery graber for a food store run this AM and back home had to pedal into 20mph winds. Glad it was only 1.5 miles.

GeneO 05-13-20 05:34 PM

30 mi on the road today around 62F. Kind of windy, but sunshine so felt great. Supposed to rain for a week now :( but much warmer thereafter.

Pugs2xLove 05-13-20 06:42 PM

14 miles each way to work and back. Sunny and cold in the morning and sprinkled wet roads on the way home. At least I have tomorrow off when it's suppose to be storming lol.

diphthong 05-14-20 07:11 PM

a little exploratory 4-miler to do some banking. if things went well physically, was planning on stretching it into a 40-50 miler. things did not go well enuff and will hafta wait till maņana.

Pugs2xLove 05-14-20 07:22 PM

Originally Posted by FatRap64 (Post 21469584)
4.4 miles.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but I'm pretty proud of it in my situation and it being the third day having my bike.

I'm going over 5 tomorrow! Yeah!!!!!

Baby steps are no laughing matter. Rome wasn't built in one day. Keep it up!!!

Cyclist30923 05-14-20 07:27 PM

20 wonderful miles...until my chain gave me a gentle reminder that it needed to be lubed. All smooth and quiet now.

FatRap64 05-14-20 08:51 PM

A pleasant 3-miler with my wife just before dark.

diphthong 05-15-20 08:51 PM

64-miler through metro san diego down to chula vista and up to coronado and back on a quintessential early may day in the socal region. super nice. lots of cyclists out..

NoWhammies 05-15-20 10:54 PM

140k of rollers and hills, sun and shade. Perfect day as far as I'm concerned.

Puss1nb00ts 05-17-20 06:40 AM

Planning on doing a 10 mile ride today.

one4smoke 05-17-20 09:36 PM

70 miles in the hot sun Saturday. First of the season heat absolutely kicks my @ss.

diphthong 05-18-20 06:51 PM

a little flattish 30-spot around metro san diego and the mission bay area. some wind. some mugginess. some overcast.
some really pretty big clouds accompanied by solid sunshine for approx half the afternoon ride tho.

a bill walton sighting on a silver/titanium holland. hadn't seen him riding in a few months.

eyemkeith 05-18-20 08:16 PM

11ish miles
For the 8th day running, my before the work day starts ride. Not a huge number to put up, sure, but every day that I earn the right to put an "x" on my calendar is a good day to have ridden.

Pugs2xLove 05-18-20 08:19 PM

Originally Posted by eyemkeith (Post 21483501)
For the 8th day running, my before the work day starts ride. Not a huge number to put up, sure, but every day that I earn the right to put an "x" on my calendar is a good day to have ridden.

Ride on. Cloudy and windy with in between drizzles in my area today. Rode around the neighborhood this afternoon - 3.5 miles just to feed the craving. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobike lol.

FatRap64 05-19-20 01:05 PM

About six miles round trip on rural roads (both paved and dirt) to visit my barber for the first time in 2 1/2 months. It was really easy getting there as I was pushed by a 20- to 30-mph tail wind, but coming back I had to ride right into the teeth of it. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be and I had a lot less hair, so that was a bonus.

I'm truly amazed by how much riding strength I've gained in just a week and a half on my new bike. Can't wait to see where I'm at a year from now!

diphthong 05-19-20 02:53 PM

obligatory 30-miler from metro sd diego over to the beaches and up mt. soledad and back. included a bonus bean and cheese burrito stop for lunch.

adamhenry 05-19-20 07:55 PM

I rode an easy 19 miles from Oceanside harbor down the coast through Carlsbad to Poinsettia and back. A little headwind coming back but not bad, nice morning.

Batstar 05-19-20 09:30 PM

Today was a good day for a ride along the Trans Canada Trail. Cycled 60k from my hometown to Lacombe, AB and back on a newly acquired Fulcum Carbon wheelset and Conti Grand Prix 4 season tires. Weather was optimal, albeit slightly overcast with a light northerly headwind to the destination but blowing favorably at my back on the return leg.

NoWhammies 05-19-20 10:56 PM

60k of rollers after work.

Now we have three days of rain on the way. Glad I made it out when I did.

eyemkeith 05-20-20 08:06 AM

11 miles. Tenth day running. The wind was gusting out of the east. Naturally, eastward is the longest part of my ride. And uphill. Ten days of soreness didn't help. But I did it. Another "x" on my calendar.

diphthong 05-21-20 07:44 PM

two smallish rides in orange county, ca. a 20-miler in and around the la habra heights/hills somewhat near disneyland and a 12-miler along the coast
from the edge of newport beach up to huntington beach and back.

Pugs2xLove 05-21-20 08:28 PM

Hit the local trail for 11 miles roundtrip while testing out my new ride.

TwoWheelTony 05-22-20 12:42 AM

Went exploring from my apartment, found a nice park just past the old military airport just about an 8 mile loop..

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