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SpeedyBlueBiker 06-21-23 11:08 PM

44 miles today on the first day of summer!

Sierra_rider 06-21-23 11:41 PM

Originally Posted by rsbob (Post 22930746)
A quick flat 18 @ 18 MPH.

I donít have a Watt meter on the bike, but two days ago, Strava has been showing watts on segments and average watts. Anyone else noticed this?

They've been doing that for awhile on mine. I do have a power meter on my road bike, but not on my gravel bike or either of my mtbs. As can be expected, Strava's estimation is pretty meaningless.

rsbob 06-22-23 10:24 PM

Climbing day. 4100’ and 52 miles. Lots of different views. Two are from the summit of Newcastle with a 17% climb over 1/4 mile to get there.
Bellevue and Lk Washington
Seattle, looking over Mercer Island, Lk Wa and Salish Sea
Lake Sammamish
White things
More white things

Troul 06-23-23 07:14 AM

19 miles. Wet, very very wet miles. Dipping the chain for a hawt wax job, after I clean everything up.

rsbob 06-23-23 10:19 AM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22931986)
19 miles. Wet, very very wet miles. Dipping the chain for a hawt wax job, after I clean everything up.

How wet was it? 😂

Troul 06-23-23 02:07 PM

rooster tailing it, making me look like a seedude.

The Chemist 06-23-23 05:05 PM

Set my personal best for 40k and got a new best VO2 max.

SpeedyBlueBiker 06-23-23 10:27 PM

45 miles on a sunny 80F day in the PNW

jaxgtr 06-24-23 01:31 PM

We have been hammered by rain over the last 2 weeks and getting outside for a ride has been a pain. So over the last week, I got in 175 inside, but I snuck outside between storm cells today for a quick 15 miles.

Broctoon 06-24-23 06:49 PM

34 miles in paradise. (Jackson Hole/Grand Teton National Park)

Weather was perfect, and the whole ride was my idea of cycling bliss.

Troul 06-24-23 09:33 PM

97 Miles. Scattered with unforecasted rain.

rsbob 06-24-23 09:42 PM

Managed to get a PR on an `11mile stretch I have been trying to beat since 2021. Finally nailed it by 20 secs.

Troul 06-25-23 12:59 PM

75 +/- 3 miles.
gotta remember to resume the paused button.

jaxgtr 06-25-23 01:57 PM

miserable ride today. The humidity was off the chart due to all the rain lately and the clear skies, so the sun is burning off the moisture in the ground. Did 45 early before the temps got over 90.

Paul Barnard 06-25-23 04:53 PM

I hammered out a half century with the heat index hiking its way toward one hundred ten degrees. Stopped at the halfway point to snap a pic of a sunflower field. Left foot firmly planted in a fire ant bed as I did.

Broctoon 06-26-23 01:30 PM

Paul Barnard , stepping in fire ants midway through a 110 degree (equivalent) day is not my idea of a pleasant ride. Did you eat a bag of flaming hot Cheetos too?

rsbob 06-26-23 08:01 PM

A quick 20 with 1200í of up

Desert63 06-26-23 08:46 PM

Virtually using an APP, or IRL? :giver:. Zero, but I just recently rediscovered bike riding and am getting in alot of miles.

Sierra_rider 06-26-23 08:53 PM

Got the road bike together and gave the gravel bike a break for a change. I was a bit tired from previous days' workouts, so I opted for a "flat" route...or at least as flat as it gets around here.

Sierra_rider 06-27-23 08:49 PM

Got the climbing in today. The snowpack was amazing this year, the lakes are still frozen over above 8k'.

rsbob 06-27-23 09:09 PM

Only time for a short ride today so made it count. Did 19 with 1500í climbing. Did 1000 of it in a 3 mile climb ranging from 8 to 15%. Ooof! Got a 4th fastest overall on a segment I didnít know existed. Next tine will have to haul @$$ and move up a few places.
Lake Alice
Short cut between two climbs

diphthong 06-27-23 10:14 PM


rsbob 06-28-23 09:48 PM

Did a 40 with 2000í climbing around a local lake. Did a mix of tarmac, gravel and MUPs. Managed 15 PRs which was a good day out. Legs are toast, so tomorrow is a gardening day.
Lake Sammamish

Troul 06-29-23 02:06 AM

^ !!!!! that orange stupid cone!

rsbob 06-29-23 09:24 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22938258)
^ !!!!! that orange stupid cone!

Yeah. Struck me that way too. It had no reason to be there unless it came from a parallel universe.

SOTA Hiker 06-29-23 10:49 PM

39 miles for me today. Rode into Portland to meet some coworkers for my 2 year anniversary lunch. Met them at the office, we rode to lunch. Back to office, and then I had to make the trip back home.

SpeedyBlueBiker 06-30-23 10:04 PM

41 miles on a very nice sunny day.

rsbob 06-30-23 10:05 PM

30 miles. Almost taken out by a raccoon today running in front of me while doing 27 down a hill (me, not the raccoon). Missed it by a 10th of a second.
Another rider coming the other way saw it, shook his head and said ‘amazing’. I am one lucky f.
Lake Washington

Troul 07-01-23 12:47 PM

Humid, slightly smokey, & a lot of hydration 108 miles.

jaxgtr 07-01-23 06:08 PM

65 miles before the heat and humidity really started to take it's toll. Was shooting for 80, but had to call it early. I started at 6:30 and by 8:30 once the sun got higher in the sky, the heat index was almost 100... just oppressive.

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