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mrv 09-02-20 12:56 PM

Originally Posted by jack pot (Post 21585998)
^^^^ in the interim i've been riding a new nature boy SS:thumb: now to the SA > finished the wheel & got it mounted on my steamroller. the 2 gears is really strange because you can't help but inadvertently shifting. the coaster brake is a little tricky to feather because you may be changing gears when you start to peddle again. im used to fixed. right now im having regrets on bloating my steamroller with weight & an extra gear :(. unless my mind changes in the next 30 days im going to un STURMEY ARCHER it. i have to add that i had forgotten how easy it feels to SS and the new all city frame is great. the 2 speeded surly just seems lacking in everything but that's what happens when you make decisions at 2AM

i'm planning a S.A. 2 speed kickback with no-coaster brake (rim brake).
I've got the bike together as a s/s freewheel right now, might go s/s with a coaster brake as I get things built up.

Question regarding the inadvertent shifting: was that due to braking with the coaster brake? Or when you started coasting?
I was going to go with the SRAM AUTOMATIX until I noticed they stopped production, and the eBay versions are about $250 for a hub.
I'm not worried about weight, I'm going to add a rear rack and maybe a front rack. I'm using a mid-80s Miyata 1000.

thanks for any feedback.

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