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Paul Barnard 07-18-21 08:42 AM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22146149)
That does not quite look like the Gulf Coast and a quick lookup suggests Crested Butte!

Yes! I love this area.

Cycling879 07-18-21 10:57 AM

20 miles O.D.

kahn 07-18-21 05:14 PM

30.9 and 1,500 of gain.

Troul 07-18-21 05:39 PM

128 Miles O.D.

one4smoke 07-20-21 08:03 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22147388)
128 Miles O.D.

Nice! :beer:

What's the most miles you've ridden in a day, and avg speed of the ride?

rsbob 07-20-21 09:26 PM

Road 2.5 hours out to the mountains and back.

Cycling879 07-21-21 07:26 AM

Went to bed late, got up late, so only 12 miles O.D.

Troul 07-21-21 08:24 AM

25 Miles O.D. Yesterday & again today.

Originally Posted by one4smoke (Post 22150815)
Nice! :beer:

What's the most miles you've ridden in a day, and avg speed of the ride?

I would estimate that, that is~ or is~ close to the most miles ridden in a day. As much as I'd like to maintain a higher average ride speed, it's usually between 12 & 16. The greater the distance + my general health [rest with nutrition] + poorer weather conditions + area riding + traffic population all take turns at suppressing the speeds.
I'm doing all I can now for distance to prepare for a boring winter.

kahn 07-21-21 10:21 AM

I am having trouble identifying the rock buttresses. Where are you? W or NW of Mt Si?

kahn 07-21-21 05:00 PM

39.1 miles and 1,300 gain.

jaxgtr 07-21-21 05:31 PM

27 on Sunday, 25 today.

Eyes Roll 07-21-21 06:24 PM

15 miles on a folding bike. My ass hurts like hell. I shouldn't have ridden that many miles.

P.S. I bought the folding bike specifically to throw it in my car trunk and ride 2 to 4 miles in the downtown.

rsbob 07-21-21 11:21 PM

Today only had a few minutes so did a 10 mile time trial. A good workout keep heart rate above 170.

rsbob 07-21-21 11:27 PM

Originally Posted by kahn (Post 22151526)
I am having trouble identifying the rock buttresses. Where are you? W or NW of Mt Si?

East of Mt SI on the best flat cycling road around, Middle Fork Rd which goes into the Snoqualmie Mt Baker National Forest. A 20 mile round trip If you start from the Mailbox Peak parking lot. On the entire ride, was passed by 5 cars (weekday) and had a bobcat cross 30 in front of me.

Troul 07-23-21 01:55 PM

111 Miles O.D. Caught in the falsely forecasted rain/storm. Had to abort the long ride. Maybe Next attempt I'll roll the goal.

kahn 07-23-21 02:38 PM

15.9 with 700 of gain.

kahn 07-24-21 02:22 PM

23.1 with a gain of almost 1,100 feet.

Some of the views:
The new helmet
Cruise ships getting ready to cruise.
Mt Rainier barely visible
Upon, Adjacent and something else. Controversial when first installed.
The Post Intelligencer's Globe

one4smoke 07-25-21 10:25 AM

35 miles on a HOT morning! :notamused:

jaxgtr 07-25-21 10:04 PM

40 on Saturday, the humidity was just oppressive and was really taking a toll on me and then the wind kicked up with the potential tropical system roaming off shore. I am generally not one that lets the humidity and wind impact me, but my body was not having any of it on Saturday. Felt like crap the rest of the day. I had planned on 65, felt lucky to get 40. My wife was coming into the hood as I turned in. She said that when she saw me, she was amazed I was just getting home and could not believe I was still out there. She was sure I would call it a day after an hour and finish on the trainer. Still felt horrible today so decided to just recover and will get some time on the trainer tomorrow.

Troul 07-26-21 01:24 AM

35 Miles O.D. Yesterday

identity 07-26-21 01:52 AM

Haven't ridden yet but plan on going to the grocery store to make some spam posts to be able to put up a pic of my frame so a certain fine gentleman can
ID the model & year.

Troul 07-26-21 05:06 AM

36 Miles O.D. in near perfect weather.

kahn 07-26-21 03:53 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22157832)
36 Miles O.D. in near perfect weather.

37.5 and 1,600 gain in PERFECT WEATHER :)

jaxgtr 07-26-21 09:27 PM

19 miles and 1300 ft of climbing on the trainer.

one4smoke 07-26-21 10:14 PM

20 miles on a stormy evening.

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