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essiemyra 12-03-20 06:13 AM

Another day I was able to commute by bike to work. The temp was a chilly 29 f degrees with the moon getting smaller and no clouds. It was a pleasant ride in today.

essiemyra 12-04-20 05:06 AM

Yay today is Friday! And my final commute for this week. The weather was a warm 39 f degrees and a pleasant ride this am.

Tundra_Man 12-04-20 08:50 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1093:

28F this morning, which made it the warmest morning I've had all week. I rode to our company office to work there today, so eight miles in each direction. Supposed to get into the 40s today (also the warmest day we've had all week) and the wind should be relatively calm.

After I arrived a the office I was in the middle of my shower when I realized I left my towel sitting on my desk. That's a new one. I've forgotten my towel before, but I've always realized it before I actually got in the shower.

If you're wondering how many paper towels it takes to dry yourself off after a shower, the answer is "a lot more than you would think."

esmith2039 12-07-20 11:15 AM

Pretty much the same over the last week, 20-30's in the morning 40-50's in the evening. Supposed to get warmer this week. Got the evening commute video together from last Monday.

locolobo13 12-11-20 09:12 AM

Interesting this morning. Morning commutes are dark now. I'm daydreaming more. Riding south on a major artery with bike lane. Another bike cuts across the street from the left to merge in front of me. Surprised me because I didn't notice him until he was half way across the street.

Another mile or so there was a jogger approaching from ahead. Jogging in the traffic lane. Again, daydreaming, I looked up and he was about 50 yds away, all dark clothing, no lights. He seemed to see me at the same time and got on the sidewalk. And yes I'm running two headlights, blinking and two taillights blinking.

Tundra_Man 12-14-20 08:21 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1099:

Had to drop the truck my son drives off at the shop for some service, so I left the house driving. Parked the truck at the shop, then rode 5 miles from there to work. I'll reverse the process after work, although if I'm feeling ornery I may ride back to the shop over lunch and pay for the service, then ride back to the office. Either way I won't drive until after work.

My coldest commute of the season so far. Overall, it's been a fairly warm December for us. Temp was 7°F, but there was hardly any wind so it wasn't too bad. The tip of my left middle finger got unusually cold for some reason, but the rest of me fared pretty well.

Encountered one other guy riding. I said, "Good morning!" as I passed, but he remained silent. Maybe he was frozen.

When I got to the office I did the obligatory "take your temperature before you enter the building." The forehead scanning thermometer registered 91°. I don't think they design those with winter bike commuters in mind.

locolobo13 12-16-20 09:19 AM

The last year and a half I've been driving 20 mi to a park N ride, then riding 7 mi to work. Reverse it after work. I stop at a fast food place for supper. Usually read or work a puzzle while eating.

Last night while working thru a cryptogram and stuffing my face a couple of HS aged ladies came in. They didn't order anything but sat where the people working in the store wouldn't really see them. Not too far from me.

A few minutes later I hear, "Excuse me!" Realize she said it several times before it got thru to my conscious. Looked up with a mouth full of food and..

My gaze seemed to startle them. One of them giggled to which I smiled. They asked if I had a lighter. I replied, "Sorry, no."

A couple of minutes later my subconscious woke me from the puzzle to realize one of them appeared to be taking my pic with her phone. Glanced up, then went back to supper and puzzle. I don't care if you take my pic but.. WTH? Old man, thinning helmet hair, stuffing his face in a fast food place?

They left shortly and I left a few minutes later. Thinking of it as another puzzle. One I'll never solve tho. Que será.

joeyduck 12-16-20 04:27 PM

Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing well in this crazy year.

I miss not being on here as much as normal but also I have spent less time biking so little to report.

I had tried to swim every day in the summer but that was ground to a halt after another systemic infection in my leg; it had been years since my last infection so that was disappointing.

Teaching this year for us has been full in person with two classes a day for ten weeks and then switch. Thankfully I work in a small school on an island and we have (knock on wood) stayed very safe; never getting much above 200 active cases in a million people spread over 7.7 million acres.

I hope all my friends have stayed safe and I hope that the election and COIVD have stayed at bay for your families.

Darth Lefty 12-17-20 12:06 PM

holy cow it's joeyduck ! Glad to hear from you.

locolobo13 12-18-20 06:51 AM

I'm done commuting for the year. Unless you count riding to Circle K for a cup of joe in the morning. Averaged about 63 mi/wk.

Vacationing in sunny Central Phoenix! :lol:

Tundra_Man 12-18-20 08:09 AM

Consecutive bicycle work commute number 1103:

My final ride of the year, as I'm off until the 4th. Not too bad this morning at 30F, but there was a brisk wind blowing so it felt colder. I'm working from home today so I did my normal "get up early, ride to the office, ride back home, begin working" routine.

I didn't ride anything but my road bike during December. That's pretty crazy. We've had a couple of snows, but they occurred in October and November, so by the time December rolled around it was road bike weather again. Temps have been below freezing this whole month, but no moisture. I kind of wish we had some snow because we're way behind on precipitation and come this spring we'll be in trouble if we don't catch up.

Wound up riding 3148 miles this year. A touch lighter than most years, but I'll blame the pandemic.

Took a photo to commemorate the last commute of 2020:

joeyduck 12-18-20 02:15 PM

Originally Posted by Darth Lefty (Post 21837214)
holy cow it's joeyduck ! Glad to hear from you.

Thanks, it is nice to check-in. I have to be honest it is due to coasting the last few days for my students before winter break.
Paradise by the portside sunrise.

Tundra_Man 12-23-20 10:07 PM

No commute as I'm in Ohio for the rest of the year helping my elderly father-in-law with trying to get his house in order so he can sell it. However, now that I'm here we finally got the season's first blizzard back home in South Dakota. Sounds like they've received 5-6 inches of snow, but the real issue was the 50+ mph winds bringing visibility to zero. Had I still been at home that would have made for an interesting commute. Here in Ohio it was 58 degrees today, so basically the equivalent of a normal SD September day.

Posted my last bicycle commuting video for 2020:

Darth Lefty 12-25-20 02:30 PM

Merry Christmas, everyone

RidingMatthew 01-01-21 02:09 PM

Commuting what is that?
Last time I commuted was in March of 2020 and I'll be home until least March the 1st of 2021. I did pretty good "commuting" I was getting up early in the morning during the summer and fall but it's been hard in the winter. It has been cold, wet, and rainy to go ride 20+ mi to come back home to work. And I have gained weight as well pretty bummed about that.

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