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Jason123456789 07-11-19 02:04 PM

hi im Jason I rode 15miles

Jason123456789 07-11-19 02:06 PM

Hi I'm Jason
that sounds super fun Keep it up So proud of the people like you

Jason123456789 07-11-19 02:07 PM

Wow good job!

Jason123456789 07-11-19 02:12 PM

No matter how many miles you ride and what for you doing it awesome job keep it up I only do about the same each but I feel The more regular I keep myself in this routine The better and more enjoyable each mile gets

Jason123456789 07-11-19 02:14 PM

wow so cool would love to hear more about your biking trips

one4smoke 07-13-19 06:52 PM

35 miles on Thursday...

jbell_64 07-13-19 07:12 PM

Originally Posted by Jason123456789 (Post 21022323)
hi im Jason I rode 15miles

No, I'm Jason! And i rode 30 miles.

NoWhammies 07-13-19 09:16 PM

Rode 135k today with Mrs. NoWhammies. Nothing too crazy. Just some flats. Some rain. A good coffee treat. Then back home. Great way to spend Saturday.

Grotug 07-14-19 11:18 AM

Hi, I'm Jason and I rode 60 miles yesterday and spent half the ride struggling to maintain zone 2 or higher (probably a combination of going somewhat hard at beginning of ride and then digesting the milk I had with my cereal right before the ride). I'm curious if others have ill effects from drinking milk before a ride. 5000' of climbing didn't make the ride much easier, either.

GlennR 07-14-19 11:29 AM

67 miles today and 200 for the week.

NoWhammies 07-15-19 08:45 AM

76k this afternoon with Mrs. NoWhammies. Sun. Light wind. Topped off with a cold beer at the end of the ride.

Hiro11 07-15-19 08:53 AM

Can we... PLEASE get someone to fix the misspelling in the title of this thread? Every time I log in, it drives me a little crazy.

jadocs 07-15-19 08:55 AM

81 solo miles yesterday in 98 deg heat.

Slightspeed 07-15-19 08:58 AM

44 miles down foggy PCH to Neptunes Net, Malibu. Great day to ride, but 6 inches of sand made the bike lane difficult at the dunes. Never seen it that deep. We had to walk probably 1/4 mile. Some were riding in the traffic lane with zero shoulder. Great ride, though. I had a 17+ average going, until the sand walk killed it. Cool day on the ride, 97° when I got home.
Taking a break at Magu Rock.
Neptunes Net, before the motos arrival.
We usually ride on the right of the K-rail, this time we walked.

55murray 07-15-19 12:06 PM

Did my annual full moon century, 102 miles 2700 ft. Got back about 3am...

one4smoke 07-15-19 08:59 PM

25 miles at 18.2 avg.

one4smoke 07-15-19 09:00 PM

Originally Posted by 55murray (Post 21028057)
Did my annual full moon century, 102 miles 2700 ft. Got back about 3am...

:thumb: Always respect for a century. Congrats!

NoWhammies 07-15-19 09:44 PM

66.35k. My legs are done! I planned on doing hill climbs and some interval work but I just didn't have it in me. Still was good to get out and ride.

diphthong 07-15-19 09:59 PM

an easy 38 mile beer and bbq ride around metro sd. mid/high 70's. humidity pretty decent. a little windy.

one4smoke 07-21-19 09:56 PM

53 total today. Rode 21 this morning during the rain, then 32 more late evening during the heat.

NoWhammies 07-22-19 09:40 AM

162k on Saturday at the Tour de Whatcom
65k on Sunday just to spin the legs out after the 162k.

one4smoke 07-28-19 11:12 AM

28 miles yesterday on a late evening run.

Slightspeed 07-29-19 09:12 AM

37 miles, out thru the foothills of Somis, just east of Ventura, CA. I got the old green Super Course out and really enjoyed the ride. It kept up with everybody else on their modern aluminum and carbon. We passed by a llama and alpaca farm, and I got a few shots. Mid 70s on the ride, mid 90s when I got home. We stopped by Wingspan Cycles, which is going out of business, to check out a vintage Raleigh for sale.
Too big for me, nice looking bike though.
My '73 Super Course at the water stop,

Llamas and alpacas on Bradley near Balcom Cyn.

one4smoke 07-30-19 10:26 AM

55 total miles yesterday. 15 early morning before work, then 40 late evening. Got to get ‘em in when you can!

bikingis 07-31-19 12:19 PM

Riding about a good 30 miles a day or more.
At least 30 miles a day .I love riding it relieves stress and I could not see my life without riding, you see things others might miss when in a car and you can be by yourself to think so much and feel free from the problems of life. I have gain a lot of tricks and avoided so many accidents by careless drivers not looking where they are going.

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