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bikingis 10-23-19 11:15 AM

I went about 25 miles already today, early morning trip.

sheaffer 10-23-19 11:45 AM

21 miles today.

bpcyclist 10-23-19 12:15 PM

Unfortunately, had to take the day off today. Just too sore from a small erosion/irritation/boo boo I got on a longish ride the other day. Those tights have a nice shammy, too. Not really sure what happened.

Slightspeed 10-23-19 02:10 PM

Only 11 miles, trying out my new Brooks Cambium C17 saddle. I forgot it was there, so I guess the fit and feel are about right. I'm a long time (55 years +) user and believer in Brooks leather, but this is my first Cambium. So far so good.

bikingis 10-25-19 03:52 PM

I went at least 60 miles today in the heat just doing errands. But I started early so it started to get a bit uncomfortable in mid morning

bikingis 10-25-19 06:12 PM

Riding some extra miles tonight.It is a nice cool down for a ride from the heat..Probably a quick 3 miles .

bikingis 10-26-19 10:16 AM

I made about 20 miles walking my bike to nearest walmart to grab a new inner tube. Had another summer flat !But on a good note I have installed a new inner tube so I will be riding the rest of the day doing a good 15-20 miles.

TheDudeIsHere 10-26-19 03:13 PM

30 miles with 3,500 ft gain.

one4smoke 10-26-19 09:58 PM

Originally Posted by TheDudeIsHere (Post 21181305)

Nice shot! :thumb:

NoWhammies 10-27-19 10:05 AM

Originally Posted by TheDudeIsHere (Post 21181305)

Where abouts is this? Looks fantastic.

dadon 10-27-19 10:42 AM

5 miles until I busted my behind smh lol

Lab4Us 10-27-19 03:13 PM

Originally Posted by dadon (Post 21182165)
5 miles until I busted my behind smh lol

What? No details?

N00b_Cyclist 10-27-19 03:17 PM

Originally Posted by Lab4Us (Post 21182509)
What? No details?

They created a thread about it.

Lab4Us 10-27-19 03:19 PM

I made 11.3 miles today, 11.31 yesterday, so far 77.94 for October 2019. 55.01 miles in September 2019. Just picked up my bike on 3 September after not riding anything since mid 1970s. Trying hard to get to 100 for October, but I think rain/cold may derail me rest of week. Then my goal will be 100 miles a month going forward! Though I’m going to have to expand beyond my neighborhood...multiple treks down sane streets getting boring!

Lab4Us 10-27-19 03:23 PM

Originally Posted by N00b_Cyclist (Post 21182514)

Just read it. ugh. Hope you’re okay! Bikes can be fixed.

bpcyclist 10-27-19 03:52 PM

36 miles. Buncha hills. Really don't like going down super steep stuff and had to go down the single steepest hill I have ever done. Made it. But I didn't like it. Not one bit. Very cold and frost everywhere. Spooky.

TheDudeIsHere 10-27-19 04:56 PM

Originally Posted by NoWhammies (Post 21182105)
Where abouts is this? Looks fantastic.

San Gabriel Mountains, So California.

A road locals call GMR, popular climb. Glendora Mtn Rd turns into this road called GRR, Glendora Ridge Rd. 20 mile climb with about 5,000 ft gain. Then down, about 42 miles roundtrip, very popular, used in the Tour of California up to Mt Baldy, the queen stage.

Ghazmh 10-27-19 05:18 PM

32 miles in cold pouring rain on slippery leaf covered roads with fogged glasses and a runny nose. I originally intended to ride 38 but I allowed the conditions to get the best of me.

Baldy1953 10-27-19 07:10 PM

None today. Rode 67 yesterday at the Gainesville Cycling Festival in Gainesville, Fl. Had a good ride. About 4.5 hours. It was pretty windy and had some rolling hills. Just a touch of rain to liven up the ride.

one4smoke 10-29-19 07:31 AM

52 miles on Sunday

bpcyclist 10-29-19 09:50 AM

About 19 miles in the city in roughly 35F and winds gusting into the 40s. Chilly. Thought I was standing still at times along the river. Good workout, even though distance wasn't very far. Headwinds blow. Hopefully, this wind dies down soon.

bikingis 10-29-19 11:40 AM

Did my 25 miles today so far easy trip for the day. Who knows what comes up later today with my other trip.But a nice day for a ride!

one4smoke 10-30-19 06:36 AM

Originally Posted by bpcyclist (Post 21185282)
About 19 miles in the city in roughly 35F and winds gusting into the 40s. Chilly. Thought I was standing still at times along the river. Good workout, even though distance wasn't very far. Headwinds blow. Hopefully, this wind dies down soon.

Wow! 40 mph is super rough. Hopefully you had an equal amount of tailwind time. ;)

one4smoke 10-30-19 06:37 AM

103 miles yesterday with a lot of hard climbs. Super tough, but I got it done.

bikingis 10-31-19 11:55 AM

Hi guys , beautiful day for a bike ride here, finally cool down. I have went already 40 miles, no flat tire thank God. Since the weather is so good I want to try and get a few more miles in . I love my bike, I need the get away feeling from everything it gives me. Hey I know you guys could always use any helpful tips to help improve your bike skills , I found this awesome video that gave me some new insights and tips for beginners and experts who may miss something it is a quick, short video that may help everyone.

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