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NoWhammies 03-30-21 08:04 AM

67k after work. Would have ridden longer/farther but I was starting to get cold. Damn early spring weather.

Troul 03-30-21 08:06 AM

22 miles on the trainer

Troul 03-31-21 01:35 PM

45 miles on the trainer

NoWhammies 04-01-21 09:52 PM

68k after work and before dusk.

gios 04-02-21 07:21 AM

Got a short ride (16 miles and change / almost an hour) in whilst in a 26 hour fast. Nice and warm at 73F / 22.8C. Second ride of the year. Two things: Love my Lezyne Steel Floor pump, and De Soto Sport 400-mile bib short is so comfortable.

Troul 04-02-21 04:10 PM

57 miles in the great outdoors.

gios 04-03-21 10:52 AM

20 mile ride on a 21 hour fast. Temp around 73.9F / 23.3C at the local airport. First morning ride of the year.

Giro Zero CS gloves, Entrata V jersey, De Soto 400-mile bib shorts all doing their duty today.

Troul 04-03-21 03:59 PM

58 miles cutting thru the towns, going around cities.

The Chemist 04-04-21 05:52 AM

Longest ride of the year so far. Also got my first sunburn since I didn't realize the April sun was strong enough to burn. Guess I'll be bringing sunscreen on sunny rides from now on. ;)

ultrarider7 04-04-21 06:08 AM
Along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis
U of MN Women's Rowing Team
60 miles total for 4-3-21

Troul 04-04-21 04:12 PM

^- I bet they did a buncha rowing

54 miles watching the sun come up on a trail all to myself.

one4smoke 04-04-21 07:31 PM

A good 40 yesterday.

biker128pedal 04-04-21 08:12 PM

18 mile loop today on the mountain bike of which 10 were off road. I though I would get a tail wind on the road back to my car. But the wind shifted.

road195 04-04-21 08:16 PM

14 miles south side of Gettysburg, beautiful day!

ofajen 04-04-21 08:20 PM

24 miles on a beautiful, windy day and a new tweak on an old route. Recent work by the city to add some important bike lanes made a new route safe and let me connect an extra stretch of new trail into my around the city loop. 👍


ultrarider7 04-05-21 05:40 AM
30 miles on my '84 Peugeot (felt like 60!)

gios 04-05-21 06:43 AM

20 miles. Assos FF 1 RSR BIB SHORTS are so comfortable.

gios 04-06-21 07:25 AM

20 miles yesterday - 75 minute ride on a 22 hour fast. Cleaned and lubed the chain beforehand.

RedWhite The Bib - very comfortable. Full zip The Black Bibs Pro Aero II mustard jersey - great racing fit w/full zip.

gios 04-06-21 05:40 PM

20 miles this morning - northerly winds, so the up hill of consequence had a nice tail wind.

The Black Bibs Gray Bibs Plus took on the 74 minute ride with ease.

kahn 04-06-21 10:41 PM

15.5 today and 31.4 yesterday.

diphthong 04-07-21 01:08 AM


4130NewJersey 04-07-21 05:45 AM

Originally Posted by biker128pedal (Post 22000380)
18 mile loop today on the mountain bike of which 10 were off road. I though I would get a tail wind on the road back to my car. But the wind shifted.

Isn't that how it always happens?

4130NewJersey 04-07-21 05:46 AM

Did a quick 12 miles yesterday after work....starting to feel a little better after the Covid shot kicked my ass.

Troul 04-07-21 06:03 AM

40mi. od.

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