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mschwett 09-05-21 05:46 PM

beautiful day, but not feeling anywhere near 100%. only 19.41 miles, 1,079 feet.

Jedneck 09-05-21 08:17 PM

68.01 miles
4524ft of gain
16.4mph average

jaxgtr 09-06-21 11:37 AM

32 miles today... I am ready for the weather to start cooling.... it was really hot today

donm1967 09-06-21 11:59 AM

Bike the Drive
Did 30 miles yesterday on Lake Shore Drive with wife and friends. Beautiful morning with great temp and no clouds

Troul 09-06-21 12:48 PM

44 Miles O.D. it was windy, slightly colder than I liked.

ofajen 09-06-21 02:49 PM

Clawing my way back to strength and fitness after my fall. 25 miles yesterday and 23 hilly miles today. Rehab on SS is tough business; I felt so tired yesterday evening.


kahn 09-06-21 05:50 PM

22.9 and about 1,100 feet of gain.

mschwett 09-06-21 08:41 PM

beautiful day, but spent most of it with the fam. threw in a quick 20.87mi, 1,545 feet. gorgeous ride.

mschwett 09-06-21 08:42 PM

Originally Posted by BHG6 (Post 22211057)
Had a beautiful ride this morning - nice and cool for the first time in quite a while.
It was overcast so I finally got a chance to try out the black background on the new Karoo - the display on this thing is really something

looks fantastic! love that dashboard style. can you adjust the power interval (i see it's on 3 seconds...)

BHG6 09-07-21 11:29 AM

Originally Posted by mschwett (Post 22218443)
looks fantastic! love that dashboard style. can you adjust the power interval (i see it's on 3 seconds...)

You can adjust it to display pretty much anything you want. There's a whole host of options starting at direct power (which is what I have the one scale set to that shows your power zones by color) then there is 3, 5 10, 30 second power, 20 min, 1 hr average, Normalized Power, Average Power etc...

Jedneck 09-07-21 04:44 PM

538ft of gain
average speed 21.4mph

Inusuit 09-07-21 04:46 PM

35.86 on the Rock Combo, 50% on gravel. 1103 elevation gain

Troul 09-08-21 05:57 AM

55 Miles O.D.

jaxgtr 09-08-21 10:27 PM

24 miles with with 2400 ft of climbing....

kahn 09-08-21 10:38 PM

30.9 and 1,400 feet of climbing

Troul 09-09-21 03:30 AM

33 Miles O.D. brrrrrrrrr

Troul 09-10-21 05:32 AM

33 Miler O.D. repeat.. weather too...

kahn 09-10-21 11:01 AM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22223713)
33 Miler O.D. repeat.. weather too...

Gray and cloudy (are those the same thing?) and the sewer backed up so I'm house-bound awaiting a plumber. :( Well, housebound except when exiting to the yard when I have to take a pee!!!!! :lol:

mschwett 09-10-21 07:37 PM

46.14 mile lunch break, 2,078 feet. beautiful day.

jaxgtr 09-10-21 10:42 PM

16 miles, 3200 ft of climbing

The Chemist 09-11-21 05:16 AM
Got caught in downpours three separate times today! Oh well, still had a great ride. 😊

rsbob 09-11-21 09:34 AM

Not one mile in 3 weeks. Have had a miserable head cold. Still blowing my nose and coughing up crud. Stop the insanity! Please…..

biker128pedal 09-11-21 03:50 PM

Yesterday was a fast 21 miles. Today an easy 47 miles. Weather fantastic. Mid seventies.

Troul 09-11-21 04:10 PM

119 Miles O.D. Great weather day.

jaxgtr 09-11-21 05:22 PM

Originally Posted by biker128pedal (Post 22225831)
.... Mid seventies.

I probably have another 2 months of heat and humidity before I see mid 70's...:(

However, did 37 outdoors today

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